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October 31, 1963
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LeSS rs. &gt;re- il- o 13 ing the en.t eir o st in :8 Shared Bus Seat With Dr. Martin Luther King N0n-Vi01ence Civil Rights Demonstration Leader Spoke at Local Methodist Church Tuesday evening the local ] their techniques of non-violent ']/Iethod:ist church hosted. Re.v. l actn" He shared a seat in the len.n E. SavfileT. Mr. Smiley as l first nteerted l]s in M,,t, an ordained Methodist clergy-I -..o--.T.-S- -f" "'.-v-L'v" _ .... e nt i i mery, Ala., wzxn Lrr. Martin u- man wno nas xramea pr se c - ............. [,ther Kmg, JJr. ,Ir ,the past 1 ell lgnT2 aters m ,me sotm m [years he has zrade over 6 .trips "----------------:--:--:---------------------====-::::::" I to ,.train demonstrators for sit- speak on ,the role of rmn violent resistame in ohtaimng Negro civil rights. ! dm holmes "Within he past 3 or 4 weeks" Political Pot Simmers Fresidentcial election is a year away, bat the boys n the Fourth Estate who have to crank ottt copy ior publAc consumption and entertMnmert are stirring up the p01itieal kettle, an4 it mkes in- terestin reading, in some cases. And back in the Phil Sheridan Country .the i, nterest 'is begirmirtg to cash on. ,For instanoe, our gvod Sheridanite Herman Schatz, a veterem GOFer from the word go, says he has an abundant supply of Nixon bu,ttons on hand for local Republicans. You may recall that .in our annul letter to Surtta Clus in the Stun.beams colu_n follaeving liehaad Nix- on's loss to President Kennedy, we suggested aazmng other gitt items r Shertdanites that he gather up any surplus of Nixon campaign buttons and leave them in Herman's Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve. I,t ,Pad off well for Herman, and he says he has kept them. Then into the >ffice comes a coaparatively newcomer ,in, ,the Phil Sheridan Country, who says he is sari.,asly oy,irtg with the idea of seekig "Bud" Mekkers job as Oourtty Sheritf. Packhag the good Irish name of Joe Mur- phy, he says his ackgrourtd in 4mlice work p 4n the stae of Washirg4xm, naturally brings him around t thinkg a.t he ould like .to be our County herlf. He hasn'.t awade up hs r_nd, but 'he's looking the sit- - ;: la, tion Over, Says he doesn',t cltnow S4aerlff "Bud,'*  he : WouI like o :hve hLs b. Joe *vates Murphy's ,yMar-  on West Mair ] Then the eurrert Lsue of St- | xtrday Evening Post carries the ature by Steva Alsop from' Wasahirtgton, D.C., ,in which he Uays it is beginning to be fash- ionable in Washingt to say that Barry Goldwater just aTgtkt ! het Jack Kennedy. Haxdiy any- body really beleves i% 'hut a' lot of people are beginning to i Isop continues by saying, "Jts about a year before the el- on people alw.ays betgin tel ay ,th,a,t the Presiert can be i he'ten." The famous Imitical vtr concludes .the feature 'ith these statements: "Same leople, inevitably, are begirmg hate hian (Kennedy), but ast people thin,k he s a pretty Presidertt, as anyone can trd ,out by :going ott ,and ring- Ig doorbells. They will continue %o think so as long as .the lares- tdert an pint with prkle to leaoe ,and prosperity. Any n- eurnnt President avho can so loirt just is not ging o .be beaten." ttowlartd Evns, eriing from Vashi,nffton in Wednesday's Ore- gonian, talks abou liehard N.i- kOn s su&den burst of activity When he is supposaly not a tndiflate. And he ,talks ,about the rmer Vice Presiden.t's move r-n Clfornia ,to ew York, and his public sttemerts on ti,n afars. We're guesstrg that Richard lixn is waiting in he wings rthe 1964 conventn call, and erm,n Schaz of the Phil Sher- flan Court.try, just ,rri,ght /be the Uy t wire hiaTt a nte .tody Yin,g: "Go after 'ern Dick, I've t the buttons, ,and they came Santa Claus at the sugges- >n ,f a Democrat  They won't %st you a ime." PUBLIC NOTICE Turkey aer, MethodiSt ,[:hutch; Sat., Nov. 2, 5:00 to 8:{)0 Adults $1.25, Chlldron 6-1, ramay tickt, nder 6 free. 47,2tc Vlle sale at 19 Rt. 2, amino, at Faith Bible Cha- Oct, 31, Nov. 1, 2. Non-profit (mLt(. 48-1tc | Past Masters dinner, Wed, Nov. ,, I.O.O.F. hall, 7:00 p.m. All qasons in area invited. Stated ettng to follow. 48-1tc Baked Food Sale & Car Wash he said, "about 1287 Negro young people have .been anst- ed lr a small ,town of a,b0t 1600 .people, Orangeberg, S.C., and ,the number of errts in the whole of the south now rtms somewhere in ,the neghborhoOc} of 30-40,000 people." Mr. Srailey quoted Dr. Rex Hopper, anthropolofflst a.t Brook- lyn College and a lifetime stu- dent of revohttions, as listing certain cortditkms tha,t, when fulfilled, will lead ,to a revolu- tion: "1. Wdespread injustice and inequalities within a nation, ,wih .the af.feeted group numer- ically significant "2. The group be economically .important (and ,the combined raceme of Negax>es in ,the U. S. is lger .than ,the ttal income of Canada). "3. They be intellectually in- formed. "4. Folically marginal (and there are whole coun.ties in Mis- sissippi and Alabama in which n a sirtgle Negro s egistered to vte). In history, when these condi,tions exist (USSR, Cuba, Latin American counxies), there will ,be a revolution. The con- dition of ,the egroes ,today ful- fill these requiremertts." And when .this people has a faith i that they are riding the crest of history, the revolu.tion .is lt to be successful." On the integration issue Rev. Smiley aii: "Th4s is srnethirtg that has rmt been forced .upon the people from .the outside: there is no forei Lntervertion, no Corn influence,  R is inev4tble, t is a situatlon that has grown  l .,our own ,,  a reau14;  .ei,al con- "But it Is mere lmpenecartt to leek at the method ,that has been used.  "Non-,olence s kt ds truest sense  weapon, a power which is able to allow people ,the aeans by which ,they can ettartge .the situations abott .them thou,t ipping .the oom- rrmnity apart If you are going to ight a nonviolert struggle, every one tn ,the room is etigi- ble to be ,a warrior. Warnen are better th,an men n rids type of struggle. Children areas good as grown tmople. The older you are, .the better. It you hppen ,to be crippled or blind, ,t is almost perfect. The p is not o subdue by force, but Ix> sit upon the conscience of the enemy, an by a pa2tietlar methocL This s accepting upon one's sei the suferirg that is inherent in the si.tuaton. When e speak in Christian terms, we say .the Cross: the suffering ,that is vol- ,unta.rily accepted upon ore's sef, ,but ,rot imposed upon an- other." lv Smiley is a national exe utive of ,the Fellowship of the- conciliation, of which Rev. Monk f the h<t church is state chair- man and a member of ,the Na- tional Council. Rev. ]Vlr. Sniley will lead a worksimp on "Non- violence and ,the Civil PAghs Revolution" n Portland Satur- day wth leaders of the Negro community,  whites irterest- ed in peaceful achievements of civil riglts. Those interested in attend,ing should con.act Rev. Monk. Firemen's Bendit Dance Saturday; Proceeds Aid Unit Sherklan eomanuntty will say "thanks" Saturday night to the Sieridan Volunteer Department for serce- rendered %he aea, by stppovt of their nnual benefit doace at the Arrterlcazx Legion Hall. Procoeds fxm .the dane go inio the department's fund .to i purchase equipment. The Department recently pur- chased a new salvage nit cost- ing several thousaz dollars from fmds risecl in their an- nual dances and  contribu. tians of individuals and busbmss fil0.s. Furnishing music $or the dance will be the Rosen,balm or- chestra, popular local musical group. 0sored by MYF, Sheridan ,eennonite church, Sat. NOv. 2. Scouts Plan Tea he's Furniture stere and Mel's Sheridan Girl Scottts wll ho- ciated Station. 48-Itc or .their founder, Juliet Lowe, a.t , a Silver Tea at the American Le- . Yt. Hill Grange Smorgasbord, g,ion Hall Nov. 4 at 7:30 p.m. The Syc'ilk007;: 8t; Asdootl: SpCaeUsTlr[gese anPyor::am: . 48-2tc  re,rested are 'invited to attend. - ................... 'Tis a Privilege - - to Live in the Phil Sheridan Country ....... "-:- .... : /...d t I VOLUME 59 NUMBER 48 SHEIIDAN SUN, SHEIIDAN, YAM:HILL COUNTY, OREGON TttURSDAY, ER  31, 1963 10e ]FF-,R (X)I Sheridan For NO. I Amity Squad -Members Homecomi00 Game Friday Amity Varsity Sheridan Varsity No. Nmne Wt. lame Wt. Yr. Pos. Yr. Pos. Edges Sheridan 14-12 in Tough Game Wna Bulldogs s00ved their etm iir fte Cw touchdowns n Fiday nls Serdan - W&tlamdna  game to make the differenceln the wo clubs n one f the 30 Larry Bonnett 154 12 23 Ronld Lentz 150 II 38  Farmer 212 12 24 Gary Kilmer 158 12 31 Frank McCallie 108 10 25 Carl Olson 150 11 22 Larry Robiso 150 12 39 Dan Stolk 220 12 26 Russ TalmakSge 157 12 28 Elvin Whitlow 150 12 36 Walte G(mel 220 11 16 Ray Rathkey 141 12 14 Bill Berhorst 133 I 1 15 Roy Bonnett 142 11 32 Larry Cldwell 20S 11 20 Tom Kelly 108 10 37 Randy Dixon 200 10 21 ICarley Hammock 136 11 Richard Sly 120 9 34 Dave Withers 165 12 33 Mike Reeves 170 1| 29 Garry H 165 17 SteWe Mon:is 140 ' - | 10 Victor  130 19 Ronald Hubbard 121 9 27 Herbert West 152 l0 13 Don Hubbard 129 10 18 Robert  101 9 11 Robert Wet 125 9 12 Terry Bonne 110 9 35 Curtis DeJong 19 9 50 Jerry Williams 115 9 31 Louis Eddy 16{) 12 19 Fenneib Dixon 150 12 Head Coach, Leon Robisonl Assistants -- Ray Newey, Ted Bracke Booster Club Sponsors OSU Trip Z 20 Mike Ogden 180 12 RG B 21 Mike Leho 155 11 RE T 22 Ken Willim 160 12 FB C 23 Joe Brtcl0oU 145 12 RH 24 Freema Stutzman 140 12 I.H B 25 Verne Lochner 145 11 1 B 26 Bill Chrisman 140 I0 QB B 27 Doug Latimm 130 9 LIt T 28 Ra Mcahlll 130 10 LE B 29 Cuck Cinnamo 150 12 LT B 30 Dennis Haddon 156 12 LT T 31 Pat Markee 162 11 QB E 32 Terry Chrtsman 150 11 LE G 33 John Evers 161 12 LH B 34 Ken Plemmons 163 12 lit T 35 Larry Eisele 150 11 RH C 36 Dan Tibbets 140 9 G T 37 Dave Hubble 160 U LT E 38 Ron  160 12 LT B 39 Ken Berkey 145 9 LG E 41 Rasy Whitehorn 135 U LE G 42 David Pratt 150 10 T B 43 aodcy MFaul 150 10 LI-I G 47 Elmer Berkoy 165  12 IX} G ..50 loe McMahill . 250 11 T B L V. Coach: Mr. Bob Cleeo " R Redevelopment .0fficml Spoke Here T Thursday on Veneer Mill Financing E Speaing todty (Thursday) to  C ],the Sheridan Chambex  Corn- am,,  m . # [nrce at a noon auaheon meet. 00troge./'atal for E ling at the Shoridozt Cae was F. t !' Ilia@ leMraRlr I James M.amu, acat xroana-  .-- m .. . l tor of ,the Area Redevelopmen.t ll@lrUlll l[@$111enl / Adiainistratlon. The federal offi- cial was ,e ,te ,to su ak on A stroke elited .the life Wed- , nasday, Oct 30, of A J (Curly) " veneer -l,ant on the T,itus, 76, form r Sheridan resi- the ARA s role in the establish-   " " ]ing o a , 'p , Tough Grid Battle Looms For Spartans Here Friday Night Against Amity Warriors THE WEATHER By Mrs. Harold Fuller L H p Wed., Opt. 23 41 57 .67 Thurs., Oct. 24 49 62 .26 Fri., Oct. 25 35 59 .03 Sat., Oct. 26 32 59 .03 Sun., Oct. 27 33 52 .00 Mn., Oct. 28 45 56 .18 Tues., Oct. 29 37 59 .01 l'ls A Privilege To Live in The Phil Sheridan Country F.F.A. S0il Judging ..... i Team Competes at Y-C The District F.F.A. Soil Judg- ing Con,test ws held Saturday] at Yamhill. Caton 'Mgh school I Daytxm placin irst. The] Sher 'dan team .me_ up of Ron] Be.k, Terry Chsanan, and! David Smith ,pl-<l th. Terry Chrisrrmn yeas fith ' Indivi. I dual, and Ron Bgelow was sev-I enth high indi,vi4ual. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrenoe Berkey recen.tly returned from Denver, Colo., where .they visited their son, Mr. ,and Mrs. Noah Berkey, who are the parents f  baby girl, born Oct. 20. They returned by avay o Boise, Idaho, where. they visited Mr. and Mrs. Earl Snow for a few days. ear is aked to .contact the high school, ,or Gtl Ogden of the Boos- ter Club. Guests of the club were Ken Berkey, Ruben, Yder, Mike Le- no, Bill Kadeil ,and 3ave Pratt. The anatn r c t th Sheri- dan Hi l?ster Cub breakfast Wednesday morning was .the KomecomAng gaa-ae with Amity Friday ght on the Sherid.a ield. Assistant Coach Gary WI- liams ave a scouing repo on Anity. He said ,tha.t altho Am- ity has lost several of .their games, .they ,as +a eam ,are rap- idly irtpn0ing. They trove lots of erthttsiasm; have a strong line and a versatile .backfield that can run and 9ass from al- most any position. Despite their up ,and dvn record they are epable of giva%ff Sherklan .the l aaTte of .their lives, sad Coach I Williams. I Coach Gary Me.ben spoke I brhfly on last weeks loss to Willamina He was of the opinl ion that the Sns played I .their best game of .the year. He fett tha.t he loss as due to de- fensive es end tha.t Sher- klan really earned the tous tha.t they scored. I Prevara.ons ae ging ahead for .this week's gane; the ,team is full of tmthusiufm Maben hoped tha he :bo could ,go "ale out" aaln as .they did last week but bettr results. Assistmat Coach Close com- me,ted briefly on the ;JV ,game Monday xdght wldch .the locals lost principally 'because of in- juries and .ack of reserves. De- spite the  score against .them the boys never q,t; their spirit was outstandi,ng. Saturday the Rooster Club sponsors the annual ,trip, to sea Oregon State play, anal ths week it vill be affainst Stanford. Re- duced rates are n efect and volunteers with cars are needed. Anyone interested in donating a McCormick mill site in South- west Sheridan. The federol field coordinator was scheduled .to speak here a week ago but had ,to postpenc ,his local ,appearance becaus of an emergency .tMp t the Seattle area. Considering opera,tirtg a yen. eer plastt on the site is E. E. Ro- berts, vell known Tillam.0ok county umberman, and veteran Spauling Pulp & Paper execu- tive at Tillavaook. In a letter puiblicizng t he meting, Chamber ,of Gmrnerce officials, sponsors of .the meet. ing, said the plant would re- quire a capi,tsd investment f $310,000, of which the Area De-i veh>pment Administration would i teen 65 ,percent. According to ARA requirements; 10 percert local participation :is necessary wih the remaining 25 percen,t to be pr`oided by Mr. loberts I and b a n k par,ticipa,tion. The Chamber of Commerce said Mr. Roberts had indicated that he would supply $75,000 for the plant. Carol Neely Elected PaniCle Universi.ty  Miss . rol Neely, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Neely, 142 SdW. Harrl. son, Sher]da has been elected secretary - treasurer of Teu Kap. pa Alpha, N.a,fional Forensics fratern:tty at Pacific Unt.vensity in Forest Grove. Miss Ntely is a junior major- ing In Literature. Her other campus activi`ties inel,ude Phi bda. Omicv0, social sorori. ty, in wldch she has held the off, ices of treasurer, alumni see- dent, who passed away `at his home in ilverton. Services will be ,Friday at 1 p.m., in Ekrnan. !U,nger Funeral Home, Siiverton, Rev. David Kullowtz offi- ciating. In.tment will be in Will,amette :Ntional Cemetery, Portland, at 3 p,m. Mr. ar Mrs. Titus were Sher- idan residents ver 10 yeaxs, and veral of .tho3e years he was employed in ,the ill busi- ness. He canoe to Sheridan as superintendent of ,the McCor- mick sawmill. They aTtoved .back bo Sdlveton, theix rmer frame, three years ago. The couple ws active in e Sheridan American Igion Post and Aux1iary. Surivzrs .axe his vdow Nell- ye, Silvton; sor Gitbert, San Faneisco, Calif.; an a sister, Violet Sterling, yaktma, Wash. Robert Bel4eu, Sheridan, and Gerald Pirm, Wllaznina, will roared the University f Oregon Aqum, Band a.t the half- time of .the gar between Ore- gon anal San Jose Ste tt Eu. g, ene Nov. 2. toughest football ,,raes played In he Pl! Sheridan Courxy in Wilamiwa, boasting an all. win season, went nto the gne !a strong avorite, but ran lead. !on irff a .tough Sherkk Hi i.teaxa t played ts heart out in ,the xadttional game. 1.t ws !hard-nosed football all the way. i Willrm scored ,in the tit and second quarters with the !Spartans' back Jon Evers scor- i in in the seond q,uarlr and agadn in ,the inal period. TYlday ight Sherkin Hi will host the, Amity Warriors  a homecoming game that is ex- pected to ,be `one of the high. lights of the season. Funeral Held Here Tuesday for C. E. Walden, Cattleman Clarence E. Walden dt ed in his sleep Thursday, October 24, at his rsidence, o, on Cen'ter street in Sheridan. Services were held Tuesday, October 29, at 10 a.m. in the Chapel of Adamsons Sheridan Funeral Home. Vault in.trrment,, was in Riverview Ab- bey Mausoleum in Portland. Mr. Walden was born Decem- ber 24, 1885 in Det cotmty, Illinois, ,thathe son  Lincoln and Anna Butterworth Walden. He ot}erate t large farm  lllln for many ye lle  married ir Miehlgan City, Indiana, July 3, 1935, ,to Hazel B. Cae, and meved,o A00mand. December of he sam year. He cae to Sheriden in 1956 where he has since resided. His wife Hazel preceded him in dath in Ma.rch, 1961. Mr. %Valden was well known in s area as t cattle dealer. He attended most of the livestock uetions, where he tbottht and! sold cattle. Mr. Walden is survived by a brother George WIden f Chi- cago; arid to sisters, Mrs. Dick Jones of Detroit, Mich., and Mrs. Lyle Moore of Weldon, IlL, `and mny frlends . Willanial Association Fall Concert Nov. 6th Herschel Thrnburg will be presenting ,the armual fall con- eert sponsored by the WiJlamina Ministerial Association. This rrteeting will  held in the hgh sclol audit0um on Nov. 6 a,t 8 p.m. The eering program will leature inspivativatal music on the cgan, ,the harp, and oth- er instrumertts, as vell as chalk art and skillful art of magic. This prograzn is presented in behalf of .the Weekday Bible Class. Durin the everdng, a free will offering all be aceiw. ed. Historical Society to Meet The Yan!hi/,l County IlJstori- cal Society rill hae i.ts regular meetin,g in ,the elemen.tary school in La2ayette, Tuesday evenirtg, Nov. 12, 7:00 p.m, Pot luck. Bring your ble service. Topic, he Court House in La- fayette. PTA Bard to Meet The Sheridan PTA executive board will meet ov 4 tt 730 p.m., in ,the Chapman school li- brary. Noise Parade, Queen Selection, Dance Scheduled Amity Warriors Due Here Friday Night For Annual Sheridan Hi Homecoming The Homemaking game be- tween Sheridan  Aznity high schools rqll be held Friday, Nov. i, ,&t 8 p.m, on the Sheridan field. Monday everflrtg the members of the ootball team were to vote r ,the three senior girls re,tary and chaplain, that ill .ma,ke up ,the Home. cernng Court. Iden,tity of the queen is a secret ,until the half- HOme From Vacation I time program ,the evening of Mr. and Mrs. Charles ordan the game, when she is crowned. have returned from a vaea.tion'The Sparkettes, a girls' drill trip t0 the San Francisco Bay team, led by Patty Cook, will area. ?eform during the halftime. The burn was held `at 6 p.m. Wednesday evening. Several clubs are particLpating .in a win- dew pairtina contest to adver. rise the game. The annual noise parade will start rom .the high school at 3 [p.m. Friday. The classes will i cornpete for ,the honor of beimg the noisiest. Fol]0dng the game Friday !night a dance will be held in the high school cafctorium. Stu- dents and alumni are inqted to attend.