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October 19, 1994     The Sun Paper
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October 19, 1994

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2 The Sun, Wednesday, October 19, II Homespun Illl Humor Like most voters in Oregon, we tend to ignore the political party labels that candidates use, focusing instead on what they say and what they have done. That's why our endorsements include candidat- es in both major parties. Some of the candidates we support may even disagree on one or more issues. Overall, however, these are the candidates we think will pay attention to the needs of our rural communities and will work with local lead- ers to bring us more family-wage jobs, support our schools, control government spending and take tough positions on crime. Let's start with Y mhill County races. We support Ted Lopuszynski and Wee Caspers because they have the experience to lead the county through four more years of anticipated growth. Lopuszynski has served on the commis- sion for 20 years and his knowledge about land- use issues alone makes him the clear choice over Rob Johnstone. Caspers, a retired Linfield College professor, has a proven track record of service in the senior citizen community and has some ideas about bridging the communication gap between the courthouse and rural residents. We also favor Don Linscheid for county survey- or. The Sheridan resident is clearly the best qualified candidate with a strong background in management. Those skills will be needed if the surveyor's office is merged into the public works department as he has proposed. Turning to the state races, we support John Kitzhaber for governor. Although Denny Smith is a strong supporter of the timber industry, we think Kitzhaber will be able to open up harvesting on federal and state timberlands. He's clearly opposed to Option 9, President Clinton's answer to the Northwest's timber crisis, and has vowed to work with all sides. To his credit, Smith has pledged repeatedly duringthe campaign he will oppose any new state taxes. Kitzhaber, on the other hand, has hinted he might consider a sales tax even though it has been soundly rejected by voters every'time it's made the ballot. But Kitzhaber is clearly no clone of Gov. Barbara Roberts who, despite her ties to Sheri- By Linda Fink It's pouring rain, right? I am xludting this a week before you're reading it and I have faith that by Oct. 19, the weather will have returned to normal. Please. I can't take much more sunshine. Yesterday was the nicest day we've had in months, if you ask me. It was cloudy. That's the next best thing to rain. Today started out cloudy, but the sun just couldn't stay away. Most of us webfoots suffered silently for weeks while the sun shone and the weathermen waxed eloquent over "another beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest." I think all our weather forecasters come from Southern California. They don't understand that beauti- ful to some of us is a steady, gentle rain. And not just because the ground needs water. We of tbe webbed feet feel bright- est when the days are dullest Oh, I enjoy a sunny day now and then to break up the rainfall. But not month after month of clear skies. If I wanted never-ending sunshine, I'd live in Arizona. I feel like I live in Arizona's high desert right now Cold nights, warm days and a relentless sun. Several of my friends are also sick of this "nice" weather. "Give me snow! Snow and ice!" 'Tm sick of sunshine." "Fog. What I'd like is a good layer of ground fog." Strange as it may seem to many of you, cloudy, grey and gloomy skies make people like me happy as ducks in a downpour. For quite a while this dry summer, my fellow web-foots and I gave the politically correct reasons for want- ing rain: to lower the fire danger, raise the ground water, help the trees. But once fall arrived and the fall rains did not, we became more honest. "I'm going to go crazy if it doesn't rain soon." One thing about Oregon I've always loved is the variable weather. "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change," was true until this year. I've been waiting five months for the weather to change. The most it's done is get colder at night. In fact, here in the trough I live in, the first killing frost hit two weeks ago. Now, doesn't that just fry a person. The tomato and squash vines froze out, along with the pepper plants, yet it was still warm. Having lived through a summer and fall of sunshine, what I want to know is how do people in Southern California and other sunny climes ever get any housework done? I have been trained by many long, wet winters to work outside whenever the sun shines. I've been working outdoors for five months. The inside of my house is a disaster. I've tried going indoors to get away from the sun, but it follows me through the windows and makes me feel guilty for being in the house Speaking of windows, mine are a mess. When the sun shines on them, every fly speck and piece of grime shows up. I'd wash them but the only time I remember is when I'm inside looking out, which is just before I go outside and quit looking. One would think my yard and barn would be in superb shape, considering how much time I've spent out there. They're not. Oh, I'm ahead of the blackberries and morning glories for the first time in history, but the lawn and flower beds are brown and dry because I don't like to use much water, considering that our well is very, very low. Unending cloudless skies are only beneficial to cacti and people with irrigation rights. A friend of mine in Bend was horrified at the brown lawns this side of the mountains. "All our lawns are green. irrigate," she said haughtily. Hmmph. If we have many rnor$ years of drought, her lawn will brown, too., All the rights in the world won t help her irrigate if there's not enough water to go around. Water is a wonderful and precioUS thing. Just ask an azalea. Or a Doug Fir. Or me By the time you read this, we will, I trust, be enjoying beautiful raindrops out of dark, heavy ski I'll be enjoying them, anyhOW' Those of you who prefer sunshine will be turning up your thermostats and grumbling. But you had yo0f way for a very long time. It's tinae for the trees and I to have what want. And we want rain NOW. J Where to write... US. Sen. Mark O. Hatflald, 322 H~ Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20510. Phone (202) 224-3753. District office: Room 107, Pior#~ Courthouse, 555 S.W Yamhill St., pod" land, OR 97204 Phone 326-3388. U.S. Sen. Bob Packwood, 259 R~,,[ | "" v, sell Senate Office Bldg., WashingtOn I L D.C. 20510. Phone (202) 224-5244. ,] Nil , District office: Suite 240, 101 Si~:I ~'t4 ! -3 0. ~lr U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Fume, 316C .I |, non HOB, Washington DC 2051~r[ L&flU 3701 Phone (2O2) 225-'06 6; [!l a. District office: 860 Montgomery ,~,,[ 2701 NW Vaughn, Portland, V"l I~ ( 97210. Phone 326-2901 or 1-800"42z'| K. (: 4003. [ U.S. Rep. Mike Kopetaki, 1520 L0~] EIl|allli worth House Office Blda Wasllir~] lr,,~. ton, D.C. 20515. Phone (202) ~!~=~= 1 .,[~".t".lu[] ' ='""-t 571 District office: Suite 340 EquitS~ |~ Center Bldg., 530 Center St 5~; M rli Salem, OR 97301 Phone (503) 51~[ |:'qght. 9100. e#| [ Yamhill County Commission~| I,, Dennis Goecks, Ted Lopuszyn .~.[ 111 Dsbi Owens, Yamhi, Coo ,C%i L. " house, Fifth & Evans, McMinnville, 0 ~ II~h~ ! ll; -~, for the Sheridan and Willamina city races along with the 17 state ballot measures. Next week, we will also publish the final letters to the editor about the Nov. 8 election. Deadline for letters is 5 p.m. Friday. Please keep letters as brief as possible; all letters must be signed. 97128. Phone 472-9371 _.~l dan, did little to help rural Oregon deal with the Polk County CommlsslonalWrd l~llw?I~ L~'L~'ich{ Propee, C. Ralph Blancha , i~I IIIh~." crippling cutbacks in timber production during Dodge, Polk County Courthouse, .~$1 ]L.'~.un her tenure. As a matter of fact, KitzhabeFs entry as, OR 97338-3174. Phone 623"81"1 ~!hlg or 370-2500. ~ ~/t into the race is probably why Roberts chose not to seek a second term. -=,,S There are two statehouse races West Valley voters will help decide. We support Patti Milne and Pat Grimstad for the two House seats. " cPRO'TIMBEROFFICEALoSES IN WILLAMIN be,signboard on the football field. It is department; they live the fne the members of the fire boald ! L:l 3 termMilnein thehaS House,dne a greatputtingjObainspotlighther firStontWO-yearbudget As of Oct 31 West Valle Citi- anal:uld w,ll be there for ent . res,gn or face a full recall , y y _ 2 What were we thinking when reinstatement of our most dediC waste. Milne also takes a no-nonsense approach to zens for Timber will close Its office Kuth Coblentz, Treasurer, we voted these people to the posi- and experienced volunteers, l~ b~y~r crime and school funding, on Main Street in Willamina. West Valley Citizens for Timber tion of fu'e board? Lynne.fa~ ~ ~tr~ Grimstad understands the timber industry and Because of poor participation and Did anyone actually think they Willa k ef,( the lack of support at our meetings WILLAMINA FIREMAN had any real experience with fight- has shown a dedication to help meet rural needs and other occasions, we can no nITI IM(- nay ing fires? Most of these people have POLITICAL SIGNS over many years of community service in projects lon-er continue our efforts as a :_ ' ct no idea how to turn on a pump of an POSE PROBLEMS ., along the coast, Although a political novice, ,-, ........ group in working for the timber 12 edition of The Sun statino Dour'- engine atone actuany nave me First, it's important for volU _ r w" l a = least idea of what it would take to be the l, Grimstad seems to be a quick learner who is in industry. Individually, we d 11 las Eddy was never around during and candidates putting up Ik, ] tune with the needs of the West Valley. fight for our industry and try to keep the day + an actual firefighter.. , to only put them where the qc. Maybe we were minKing" 'Well, " nsent, l r" on ton of what is ,oiw, on We wtll u ........ ,;......o ,oo !, .... v, .. owner has given co . In the First Congressional District race, we o , .... ............. no one else IS" running, I may as well rm 'ss ' support Bill Witt. Like Kitzhaber, he has prom- conduct future meetings as the need the truck and heIDed fight fires? I m ....... who place signs without pc it arises, sure Mr Fclton snw thctruck oarked vote mr ram. Maybe we justrecog- are being dishonest, and this ' ised to tackle the. gridlock that has virtually - nized the name zrom around town ' cll We, as the older generation, can- near his insurance office the day of ............ " on the candidate. eed th we neeo to mvesugate me people wn stopped all logging on federal timberlands. Witt, a not continue alone--we n e the Oaken Hills Fire Second, because a la volved and we put rote a pubhc posmon any s a sw small businessman in Portland, also will bring a younger ones to get in Erna Eddy ........ "-- placed on private property i... , UDIIC posluon da~. business approach to Congress and opposes big- they don t seem to be concerned of Willamina P " of support for that candi These men just took away the hoe their future enough to help out. . . ' property owner needs to k .d ik- spending programs that seem to be favored by peopm wno vomnteer to protect us the candidate is and what he o --ill Elizabeth Furse in Washington, D.C. we have greatly appreciated the FIRE BOARD 24 hours a day. I don't believe that if o, .ao f,,,. We don't agree with all of Witt's positions, help and support of all those who SHOULD RESIGN my life or property was in dan er - .... ced t"ll + + ana lastly, a s gn i have stood by us for the last seven As. reslx)ns ble voters.m th,s corn- any of the members of the fire board I ,-nmes the especially on abortion and gun control. Still, we , ..... ..... years. Wfllamma Drugs gave us lots mumty, I veneve tibet me mem rs would care about or know the .... ..... a cl Will " " ..................... "' think he represents the values of rural Oregoni- of d scounts and we say thank you. of the emma fire d stnct have a slightest way to orotect it Thanks to ....... ._:.o, ^. .... .f tresI ', ans far better than the first-term incumbent. .... ..... = .......... -. True Value Hardware was a b,g help few key questtons to ask them, that is basicalN all the nrotec ........ . . + r - lng ano vanoansm to go ~ ~ sel m thezr donatmns at our benefits tton we have now. est Next week, we will publish our endorsements 1 Who does the Willamina fire " property and remove or d and The Sun office helped board think they are hurting when sign. Tex 5t. . t ic Yamhill County Party Chaff~" !L ^ Stt - Me- "l " George Robertaon EDITOR and PUBLISHER POSTAL NOTICE: Published weekly by The Sun, 136 E. Main Street, Sheridan, OR 97378 Second class postage paid at Sheridan, OR 97378. SUBSCRIPTION RATES (one year): Sheridan, Willamina and Grand Ronde postal addresses, $19.00; all other U,S. postal addresses, $26.00 Payment must be received by 5 p.m. Wednesday for subscription to start with the following Wednesday's edition. DEADLINES: Letters to the Editor, Society and Church, press releases, general - Noon Friday Legal Notices, Display - 5 p.m. Friday. Classified Display - Noon Monday. Classified - 5 pm. Monday. Phone number (503) 843-2312. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The, i~n, RO. Box 68, Sheridan, Oregon 97378. immensely. We met a lot of nice people through our fundraisers. The bark- dust sales were a big advantage for Willamina and the Christmas tree sales were a real joy for us. Thank you for all who were there. But these things will be no more, we have enjoyed helping the local charities V.EW., the Fourth of July committee, the Tree of Giving, both Sheridan and Willamina. Also, the graduation parties that we sup- ported. Our best to you but we can no longer help. We are proud of the fight we have fought and the image we tried to give to the public. We feel we have done our best. We are keeping our mailing address (PO Box 781, Wil- lamina) for another year in case anyone wants to contact us. Thanks again for those who did help--but there is no strength in small numbers. Please look for our they release the hardest working people of the fire department and subsequently spur the resignations of over half of the other firefighters in protest? These "are men who have spent collectively over 90 years voluntar- ily dedicating every day of their lives to the protection of others by taking state mandated classes for hours on end, losing time at work, dropping everything at a moment's notice to come to the aid of anyone that has the slightest bit of a prob- lem. Often times postponing a vaca- tion, missing out on a family event, his little girl's birthday, seeing their children at a band concert, Thanks- giving dinner, seeing their children on Christma morning all because someone has a chimney fire or a broken pipe. Because a stranger is at risk of losing property or a loved one. A firefighter is not on the fire 3 When will the people on this board wake up and realize there is more to a fire district than pushing papers? We are talking lives here. 4. Where will our fire protection come from if our best volunteers were let go? I go to bed every night praying that the good Lord doesn't test our depleted department. There are few firefighters left that are trained to drive trucks, operate equipment or even attack a fire. I want fire protection from people who know what they are doing, for their sake and ours. When I have an emergency, I want protection now, not after a few Willamina firefigh- ters show up and decide that they can't handle it so they call Sheridan for back up 15 minutes later. 5. Why don't we do something about the situation? If the Willa- mina fire board can't protect us, we the citizens have to protect ourselves and that begins with asking all of GAYS, LESBIANS It TO TALK AT LIBRMZ~:~| ~ I would like to take the OFO nity to invite the citizenS t.,' i[ll Sheridan area to a panel diSCtl.~dr |~ of the area's gay and lesbian bors and friends. :#!|:[] We believe that sharing oal' ll with you will help to alleviate o teomu P:g sa dv: gays and lesbians. We family, your friends and bors Come et to know us % . g th your family and friends wi Oct. 24,7 p.m., SheridaV:/ I Library. For more informati '" i! 843-4698. ?,all