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August 24, 1994     The Sun Paper
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August 24, 1994

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2 The Sun, Wednesday, August 24, II II Sheridan Mayor Val Adamson deserves a pat on the back for suggesting that a task force be formed to consider the city's long-standing storm drain- Homespun Humor By Linda Fink Like every other farmer I know, when anyone in the family has a minor medical complaint, I head for the barn. No, I'm not avoiding the ing of trying the tail and mane conditioner, since my mane is a lot like horse hair. I normally don't buy products that have been tested on animals, but testing shampoo on a back. (Which may be why I haven't been to a doctor in ten years.) Although I can't set my own broken bones, I can certainly heal most of the rest of my bodily complaints. don't work, however. Like DMS0 Although it was declared a wonda drug a while back and oodles d people used it for their arthritisI swollen muscles, my animals wet age mess. problem, I'm fetching something to horse's tail seems pretty harmless. Fortunately, I haven't broken any not impressed. Goats don't respor . ,*turns As anyone who has lived her for more than one fix it. Bag balm is my most common What's next? Fly repellent. Rio bones lately, to media hype. Since it didn't wodl winter knows, parts of the city get flooded each remedy. Every dairyman uses bag Vista is marketing a product called A friend of mine goes farther than on my animals, I didn't bother to gl year. balm to soften hands and soothe Coat So Soft containing no insectic- I dare. She uses veterinary antibio- it on myself, especially since| No, the floods aren't of the magnitude of those cuts as often as he uses it to soften ides and smelling good, too. A tics on herself, After many trips to DMSO is a solvent and I didna[ j and soothe udders. I use it on my spokesman for Rio Vista said he doctors and many dollars worth of want to dissolve somethingimp '[ back in the Midwest where homes are swept along heels, which have a bad habit of uses it when he goes camping. "It's prescription medicines for an eye ant--lik e. [ iiL raging rivers. Still, Sheridan's floods do cause cracking, a fly repellent and cologne all in infection, none of which did one Goats ith sore muscles do, hoW'| damage to some homes and property. The other day, I saw the familiar one." iota of good, Suzi took matters into ever, respond to blue ice, also calld[ Ii, I And the poor drainage system makes it almost green bag balm can with the picture So what's the attraction with her own hands. She did what she mineral ice. Probably someth i impossible to build new homes or businesses in of a cow's udder in, of all places, a animal care products? They work. would have done for a goat: put a hiam l rl ;jlard f rth OvPe ,rb: r m l seed catalog. "Originally used on People, I think, are starting to trust few drops of veterinary penicillin in town. livestock, it's now valued for the themselves again and stop leaving the troublesome eye. In a couple in the barn, I use it. The people I What's the answer? That's what the task force speedy way it soothes, moisturizes everything up to the advertisers, days, her eye was fine. would cost more, no doubt. I will come up, including a way to finance the and healschappedhands. Inabright And the doctors. Doctors reading this will have That's another thing folks beginning to realize. Products sold] millions of dollars worth of drainage culverts that green 10-ounce tin---makes a color- Many people are no longer will- nightmares of disasters caused by are needed in the city. ful country accent for kitchens and ing to go to a doctor, have a self, medication. And, of course, for animals are often named sonici baths." check-up, and leave withe prescrip- that s a risk. But so is using all the slung else and sold for ten times $1 Some new methods of dealing with drainage Bag balm is not the only livestock tion to do something or other that medication handed out by doctors, to ,pe_ople The formulas fa| problems should be considered, including using remedy that has found its way from the doctor thinks should be done. At least if I give it to myself, I'll Rio Vista s horse products cogl .... catch basins to collect flood waters. Perhaps these barn to house. According to an Patients are beginning to take know what it is. from Jheri Redding, who mal | basins would lessen the need for installing costly article I read, people wash their own responsibility for their own health One of the barn medications I've high-priced products for humanS. ] cement culverts or high-maintenance dirt; ditches, hair in horse shampoo far more care. They want to know what their usedonmy family is thibendazole Your cousins may look at Yes, it will cost city residents some money to often than they wash horse hair. In blood pressure is, what that means wormer paste. No, my family funny when you spray yourself WIll Ill 11"| fact, the Rio Vista equine product to their general health, and what are doesn't have worms. But occasion- Coat So Soft at the ,family picniC, J " "' fix the storm drain systems. Perhaps Walt GoweU, company of California estimates their choices of action should they ally one of them has athlete's foot. especially since you 11 be using t[ .Bryn ' l erid, city attorney, had the right idea when he suggest- that 80% of their sales are for decide to take action. I think that s That's a fungus, just like ringworm, rather l a ,e quart spray bottle, ! , for Ilthis m, ed the city look at the way some other Oregon human use. great, which goats get. Thibendazole is a hey, they !1 come begging :u-- cities are using surcharges to pay for the city's The number one seller for Rio I resent medical personnel who lousy goat dewormer but great at squirt' after they smell share of the work. Vista is not shampoo, but a tail and treat me like an object to be maul- eradicating ringworm. My human them it s all the rage. You m S Naturally, the city should attempt to leverage mane detangler and conditioner, foi- pulated however they think best. If I kids did not like having white paste about it from the latest trend-set ! .he lowed by shampoo and then Hoof have to explain to a doctor that this smeared between their toes, but it -- farmers. I- ,ua any local funds with matching state and federal Fix. Hoof Fix strengthens nails, is my body and I'll decide what's worked. Linda Fink is a Grand Renal. "I tO than grants. That will cut the overall cost to city human as well as horse. I'm think best for it, thank you, I don't go Some remedies sold for critters resident and goat breeder. residents. -=-' iii'' Adamson has asked the task force to come up , = Sh, with an action plan in just 60 days. That's a tall ngs , ii___i | rye order, indeed. . ,, attorney at $25,000 pe year, .... We wish the task force members good luck as .... they begin their job. JUVENILE LEVY 10 years, thank you to all the folks - ette RAISES QUESTIONS 20-bed facility with a wage cap of Parents must be held accountable stopped by and supported us.._ 111 ~--~ rl(h On Sept. 20, the people of Yam- $12 ,per hour including benefits for financially for any and all losses The proceeds are used ' . It's time to flee hill eountywillbeaskedtovoteon all newstaffandsupervisors, and a resulting fromactscommitted by ile o mipi afOralthsoe a three-year serial levy on juvenile volunteer coordinator elected by the their children 14 years or under. crime. Measure 36-11 asks: Shall chiefs of police from each city. The Any person over 14 years of age GT: the Flea Market! volunteer coordinator should, work should be tried in what is corn- The SheridanBusiness,~i~g 7~ ~ ~' ~ Yamhill County levy $1,415,908 ~i~a '~oluP~er committee c,onsisi- monly referred to as adult court and e', " ~ anrmally for. three years outside the T on Alas and alack, Oh sorrow, oh woe, tax base to deter juvenile crime, of a designated teiaresentatiVe if unde/'i 18 years of age should be HANK YOU The building is sold and so we have to go! beginning 1995-96?" from e.ach Chamber of Commerce, confined in a juvenile facility. We would like to express thanks to the workers of the p rl a The Friday Flea Market, half club and half store According to information pro- each church and each private school Victims of theft, vandalism or works department. " Has lost its old home and will soon be no more! vided by the juvenile department within the county, assault should be repaid for the full And we must pack up -- and must then find a place --- and Mid-Valley Detention, we have The volunteer committee wouldextent of their loss within a given We needed help in rerno ,dlJll, a( For treasures and gadgets and culch by the case. a daily cost of $100 per day for each develop programs to instill work period of time, and then if restitu- some concrete and theYwerewilf' lll: f he ethics, morality and respect of prop- tion is not completed, the juvenile to help out with the use o In our overfilled homes where there's not room enough detained youth. This year our aver- erty in the youthful offenders, thus should be jailed, backhoe. Thanks again, guys! by For the things that we have, let alone all this stuff! age daily use is recorded to be 2.8. Terry B./ a on Oh, the world is so full of a number of things For an occupancy rate of 2.8 youth counselors.alleviating the need for most paid theirMStlossViCtimSwere wouidcoveredagreeandthatthereif Sher [ I am sure we should all be as happy as kings per day, our present yearly cost will Option Two: Reject the present was no retaliation then jail time i, y If only we had all the storage we need be $102,200. The average length of Letters pollc To put it away and to find it with speed! stay for juvenile confinement in levy and ask the county commis- would not be necessary. sioners to draft a new proposal to Just say 'No' to 36-11 in your Got a gripe? Or do you th But if we had that we would not have been here Yamhill County is between 5 and 5 add an additional deputy district vote by mail, and when called on by compliment to share? Or Our extras to sell and our closets to clear, 1/2 days. attorney and to continue to contract the new committee, please be pry- you simply like to share, nc,A Yet often we seem to buy more than we sell -- Here are some issues that we can with the Mid Valley Detention facii- pared to offer as much help as thoughts on any particular t01#J ,n And now we must pack up and store this as well! address: ity. Mid Valley Detention facility necessary to pass a good levy. The Sun welcomes letters to 'ct First: How successful is the pry- has had a long-standing contract David Van Bergen, editor. ] . rth Oh, futile to swear, to despair or to grieve -- sent program? with Yamhill County and is plan- Amity The building is sold and we all have to leave! Under the present program, the ning to increase their bed space Oh, useless it is now bewailing our lot -- juvenile system in Yamhill County from 36 to a proposed 128 beds.FIRE DISTRICT As much to lament all the things we have got! has 6.83 counselors, 1.7 admini- With their new expansion of bedQUESTIONS RAISED Do we try to find space, do we sell at a loss? strators and 3.5 clerks for a total of space, there would not be a need for I am writing this letter in regards Noda Hatter Too awkward to carry, and too good to toss, 12 staff. The budget for this fiscal a detention facility in the county, to the recent Willamina Fire District Jetta Node Hurter, 92, of Slae |. Too bulky to store, and too precious to lose --- year is $633,308. The district utter- Interestingly, Washington County suspensions. There are a few ques- died Aug. 18 in McMinnvill [ |l,' It takes too long to pack and there's no time to choose ... hey spends $18,000 annually on 1901.,] !1111 Oh, weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth! juvenile crime staff for a half-time has no detention facility of their tions that I have and would like She was born Oct. 20, own, nor does Clackamas County, answered. Sheridan to Creed and Julia Oh, pictures above! Oh, boxes beneath! deputy district attorney. However, in and both of these neighboring coun- The first question I have is the Green. She married Frank A. And boxes on boxes, stacked up in the back! 1988 there were 938 cases referred So long, half forgotten! So much more to pack! to the juvenile department, while in ties are much larger than ours. Other motive of the complainants. It was on Oct. 7, 1926 in Sherid " "|.411 We may hope fore new place to set up again, 1993 there were 1,973 cases neighboring counties with similar stated in the Aug. 3 edition of The died in 1984 But firs! we must find it- and where? Also when? referred. That reflects a 210 percent populations that do not have their Sun that Ms. Hoopingarner's and She was raised and schO01 e We can t just move house from here over to there, increase in the number of referrals, own detention facilities are Polk, other's main concern was safety for Sheridan, graduating from We m st shoehorn it in at home somewhere-- but where? If your intention is to find a Tillamook, Clatsop, Columbia and the people of the town. I personally High School. She solution to the juvenile crime pro- Benton counties, find that hard to believe. If that was the Oregon Normal School Oh, its too soon we're old and it's too late we're smart, gram, then clearly the present pro- In summary, as serious as thetheir true concern, why didn't they mouth withe degree in teaeal i The building is sold and we now must depart! gram is unsatisfactory and wesituation is regarding juvenile offen- turn their complaints into the depu- She taught school in Webfoot And even that finished, our prospects are bleak should not attempt to continue to ders, Measure 36-11 should beties on duty at the Summer Jam? St. James Catholic Church. When Friday is only a day in the week! expand programs with such a low rejected. Let's send this project Why then did they wait until after- retiring, she also taught for[ h What duller existence we now see ahead! level of success, back to the planning table to find the-fact to turn it all in? If some- years in Uopewell. She lived ia [L, e thing would'pc happened, wouldn't Sheridan area all of her life. And where find such grand entertainment instead? Second: Who really benefits from more effective means of controlling those people have been just as And our regular customers --- they all as well the proposed new program? costs. Let's look at supporting the She survwed her mec , -. Daws of lamina, and by Must be muttering words that they never could spell!Clearly the proposal to do some- Mid Valley Detention facility, guilty? " Wil .by For bargains are only a part of the game thing about the exploding youth According to Chief Rod Brown of As an educator, I am thoroughly other nieces and nephews. , #lk/k And yard or garage sales are just not the same crime problem has some elements the McMinnville police department, confused. I teach the children in my Graveside services will class that people are innocent until p.m. Thursday at Buck As a crossroads of commerce, in its modest way, of support. If we do not have bed they regularly use duty officers at proven guilty. It's scary to me that Cemetery. Arrangements That each week was open just one special day -- space available, and are unable to overtime at a cost of $150 per trip." there was no investigation into the Macy & Son mortuary. ] Even if there were days little business was done, locate any available space, then we Why don't we use contract carders complaints, just belief of the corn- . We might not make money, but we did have fun! must construct a facility to get the instead of duty officers? These are plaints, arand Oh ruction, des tm, ction and misery me! offenders off the streets, only two suggestions. Doubtless My second question: When did Ronde S The Flea Market s sold, and we all have to flee! Since juvenile crime has reached there are many other suggestions ,d the laws change? When did ourlists new hours --- Jennifer Mueller a level that has surpassed crimes by that should be carefully researched justice system decide that if some- Willamina ' prosecuteadUlts' WecapitalmUSt offenses,have staffpropertyin the find _a better or more cost effec- one complains that it's 100 percent Students at Grand Ronde office of the district attorney to tive method of dealing with the truth? tary School will have new , In my lifetime, there have been when school starts Sept. ' crimes and crimes against persons. We need to get serious about the complaints filed about me--but I The school grounds will ) crime problem. For crimes of feel lucky that the complaints were students at 8:30 a.m. with s' The present levy request would assault and battery there should be investigated but found to be 100 served at 8:40. Classes will ' '"' " increase staff by 15.85 persons to a swift and decisive punishment with percent untrue. 9 a.m. with lunch from l lf "l l k il George Roberteon total of 28 full-time employees, mandatory confinement, physical What signals are we giving our 12:20. EDITOR and PUBLISHER With 16 new employees, requiring punishment and full restitution for youth? How do we expect the youth Students in kindergarte POSTAL NOTICE: Published weekly by The Sun, 136 E. Main Street, an additional $1,135,512 in yearly all damages to the victim, of our .,area to understand legal areas 2rid grade will be distal1 Sheridan, OR 97378. Second class postage paid at Sheridan, OR 97378. compensation, we will be faced For property and theft crimes, the when it s not practiced in good faith p.m., and students in 3rd i,, SUBSCRIPTION RATES (one year): Sheridan, Winamina and Grand with new levies to carry on the victim must receive full restitution in our own hometown? grade will be dismissed at Ronde postal addresses, $19.00; all other U.S. postal addresses, $26.00. programs. This begins to take one and all costs incurred in the appre- Marta L. Eddy, Payment must be received by 5 p.m. Wednesday for subscription to start life of its own, a new bureaucracy hension and conviction of the per_ Willamina~:emsgiS~l~?ntof4r~ with the following Wednesdays edition, and new local social programs,petrator must be reimbursed. DEADLINES: Noon Friday - Letter to Editor, Society and Church, press Third: What are the alternatives? Persons "convicted of physical THANK YOU releases, general. 5 p.m. Friday - Legal Notices, Display. Noon Monday - Classified Ads, Classified Display. Phone number (503) 843-2312. Option One: Reject the levy and assault, theft and vandalism should The Sheridan Business Group Supply lists may be pic POSTMAsTER: Send address changes to The Sun, RO.Box68, Sheridan, ask the county commissioners to be barred from holding jobs in the wants to thank all the business the school and are poste l. a i OR 97378. , ..... m-submit a new proposal that pro- public sector and from receiving people who donated items for our front door. Class lists will | vides an additional deputy district welfare, grants or loans for at least annual garage sale. A specialon the front door at 3 p.m. A0 " ] "