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April 12, 1989     The Sun Paper
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April 12, 1989

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2 The Sun, Wednesday, April 12, 1989 II ur The terrific response to this year's Kiwanis Club dinner-auction is heartwarming, indeed. The club made more than $4,500 in one evening of fund-raising effort and that money will be used to give local high school students scholarships to attend college and for other community projects. It took countless hours of volunteer time, of course, to put on the auction. And it took the generoe ty of many people who donated goods and services, including Cascade Steel in McMinnvgle which gave the local club 500 steel posts to auction off. Those posts alone brought in more than $750 toward the scholarship fund. We're pleased to see that a few more service clubs are forming in the ares, too. We understand a local chapter of the Jayceee is under way and a Sheridan Lions Club is also being formed to compliment another Lions Club in WUlamina-Grand Rondo. And the Sheridan Rotary Club members are working on helping clean up the Sheridan bridge. Thanks folks for help making our communities better. G.R. Homespun Humor 1" SPEIqT gHOLIRS At,,/" 17AAINUTES LE,,qRfllAI'ABOUT THIS NEW TAX" FORM, 12 HOURS AN'28 AAIMUT'ES jm'lL/_.l/Ll" SB 27 lid on s h, Ith By John With this le not ration health rationalize health those words spoken the senate. Senate Bill 27 is making health care compassionate, efficient. The resources can onl providing quality poverty. Senate passed the Senate creates priorities for care the State of Ore should not, provide. Opponents of th this process is are correct. The deliberate decisions this time of year, you will hear the familiar refrain, "I can't understand why a man can plow 500 acres to plant corn but he can't take 10 minutes to plow my garden." Most will say it's worth the wait though. I'm sure rototillers prepare soil at least as well as a plow does, but there's something about the way a plow slices and rolls the soil that makes it more aesthetic for me. The old guys who did it with horses would probably say the old moldboard was even better with a big Percheron up front. With today's huge machinery, plowing the garden ranks right up there with shearing sheep for anticipation and excitement. The bigger the tractor and wider the plow, the more exciting it is. There's something about watching a guy with a new International and a 10-bottom plow pull into a garden that lends fervor to the whole thing. said. "Oh, no I need the exercise. It won't take me long to dig it up," I told him. I looked at his big tractor and thought, "He couldn't even turn that around in this garden. I'll have this soil dug up in no time." When I was still digging a couple of days later, I began to wonder what sort of flaw in my upbringing had caused me to turn down the neighbor's offer. Why would a half-way intelligent person decide to turn several hundred square feet of soil with a spade rather than let the neighbor plow it up? I was never valedictorian of my ciass or anything like that, but I did pass all the subjects. Then, it dawned on me that my college training caused me to do it. I had been off to the university for four years, and it was so long since I had done any work that I had completely forgotten what it was like. k The importance discussion is that not years away. 1 believe we will not six-year plan or for that may never smaller projects from maintenance construction items ODOT's means. As usual, Sen. R-Newport, strength in these negotiations. Pool stated west side of m County, on the next major six-year plan road." It's important to the 101 parkway different program, never come. If state funds POSTAL NOTICE: Published weekly by The Sun, 249 S. Bridge Street, Sheridan. OR 97378. Second class postage paid at Sheridan, OR 97378. SUBSCRIPTION RATES (one year): Sheridan, Willamina and Grand Ronde postal addresses, $17; all other postal addresses, $26. DEADLINES: Noon Friday - Letter to Editor, Society & Church, press releases, general. 5;p.m. Friday - Legal Notices, Display. Noon Monday - Classified Ads, Classified Display. Phone number 843-2312 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Sun, P.O. Box 68, Sheridan, OR 97378. II IIII I ! I I I NEWS - CORRESPONDENTS - PRINTING - Mike Petrovsky Floy Blair Toni Rose Doris McKellip Mickey Barber Kathy Ol=on Myrtle Barber PRODUCTION - ADVERTISING - Leslie Newberry Chris Higgin=on Paula Necas PHOTO TECHNICIAN - Terry High Rite Kramer Corinne Ivey JoAnn Ashcroft NArlONAL NE W~PAPER ASSOCiATiON George Robert=on EDITOR and PUBLISHER -:- === (USPS 493-940) om, A ........ AUCTION THANK YOU As co-chairman of the 1989 Fun Fest Auction by the Willamina. Grand Ronde-Sheridan Kiwanis Club, may we express our thanks to community. Believe me gentlemen, people out of work, hungry people, homeless, we haven't seen crime in it's finest hour yet. Oregon could possibly become one of the nations fastest growing ghost state on the west coast T I'm begging you to stop this insanity over birds in the so called "Old Growth." Also why must our raw product be exported costing thousands of jobs for people of Oregon? Let's put people to work by making lumber and exporting IT to Japan. Who said, "Trees are our renewable resource of Oregon," the timber capitol of the world? Jerry R. Smith, Sheddsa • • pours in deny access to issue received n 1987 when several denied life-saving ol eros I , , because available n spent on health care for TIMBER INDUSTRY IN PERIL all who supported the auction this SHERIDAN PRIDE needy Oregonians. This is a sound ~d By Linda Fink peels, vinegar, or cinnamon sticks. (Copy of a letter to Congressman year and in years past: What happened to Sheridan state-supported univl My column on the spotted skunk Various people swear by variousLesAuCoin). To our fine auctioneer WaynePride? When I moved here 13 years care which Oregon c~ incident resulted in a barrage of cures. One cynic suggests I just I m scared for myself and my . Potter for donating his time and ago the town was clean. Everyone we refusetosethealth! information from readers. I learned outwait the pesky critters. She says family. I just heard the Seattle effort, helped in times of trouble; you could we pretend that that skunks belong to the weasel, not ants come in every year, stay for a Audubon Society was able to close _ leave your doors unlocked and not Oregonian's aren't The Willamina School District tor think a thin about it rodent family, that spotted skunks while, then leave, down Oregon timber sales over some the use of the building and facilities .. . t.g . ~ . ....... care because of poverty1 eat rats and mice as well as insects, If you've laid cinnamon sticks all poor owls. and that they are either: 1) very around your house just before the " t'eop~e uvea tor rnll ~neriaan " Days, the fun, people, laughter, the Senate Bill 27 acid. uncommon or 2) very common, ants were ready to leave anyway,Self preservation is bred into every The fine ladies (Mrs Rich and living thing, is it not? Cut down a Mrs. Barnes) to Ralph & Betty "o of se ........ we cannot provide heal[ J y emg menus you naan t seenbut should provide he~] depending on which reader I listen you I! think you've driven them off. tree and you provide land for several Stewart, to all who donated so many in ears to. Also, most folks call them civet She may be right. My ants last year new trees to grow back, thru mother wonderful items to be auctioned,yej ne " townspeopm" .... woum get most citizens in the m0~ cats. , disappeared on their own. nature and re-forestation programs. To the public who came to enjoy a together months in advance with Ironically, at the~ As for rat eradication, I ve been Then there's the pacifist route, as If the owl is forced out of a Douglas fun nite of entertainment, eating and new ideas and hopes for a bigger, Legislature is trying tI given numerous methods, including described in Mother Earth Newsfir tree it will migrate to the next tree supporting our program. To thebetter show than the year before, health care programs,| rat traps, deodorant soap and rat someone sent me. "Some 10 years least threatened by it's existence for young ladies who sang so well and Now all I hear is bad thoughts: delivers several ofthI terriers. Cats are not a good line of ago," a landowner wrote, "I living. The spotted owl can live in provided the entertainment. To our who cares; we shouldn t even have rocked by controvetS! defense, according to at least one purchased 42 acres of forest, in any tree--old growth, second club members who helped in so one; why bother! if it doesn t make and Family Servic~ reader, because rats are too big and which many of the trees were growth, fir, hemlock, spruce, cedar, many ways. money we won t have it; or my wasting taxpayer m~ feisty. Cats prefer more timid prey. ant-infested. I felt that to preserve To Joe Chrisman for being so avonte, I don t have the t~me or for state bureaucrats.] That could be, but nary a rat has the woods, I had to eliminate the alder, pine, old snags, etc. f " ' " trips and bloated ex~ With less field burning in our willing to display the items in his money to help. entered my milk room since Diana ants. I was only doing my part. valley there is need for more owls, showroom, Don Stuck for raising our This is not the Sheridan I Two retreats forI the Huntress returned. Since then I've learned that Mother hawks, eagles, and all variety of banners, George Robertson for the remember and loved so much. So employees at Salish4 Diana may not kill rats, but she Nature has her own set of checks and rodent and insect eating birds, excellent advertising, pictures and what s happened to our Sheridan"Black Butte cost 1t must discourage them. Too bad she balances. Who are we to question doesn't discourage the neighborhood her placement of the ant? She Animals and birds go for food where stories, pride and spirit? Those same employee~! it is the easiest and most plentiful. It takes a community effort and a IL Smith, leather-bound "daily ~l cats. Our guard dog, Anna, tries but assembles all the necessary Twenty years ago, after I had lot of work which we could not Sheridan these cats are not,easily run off. And elements to create the delicate finished my schooling, I choseaccomplish without the fine supportt[~Jrt| (I al~lrt~ cost taxpayers nearly~ Adult and Family :t it s not rats they re after. I suspect ecosystems covering the earth. Now trucking as my work and occupation, of all. To all too many to name and .,,.=vw, ,4 6= alp,,=, • $200,000 in 1988 to s¢l we'll have baby Dianas before long. I leave it to her to let the ants control Who could have imagined we would who donate and support us may we Got a ri ? O - - v Fortunately, Anna the dog and themselves as long as they are not shut down the forest industry over a again express our thanks, may God . g rll~,.~ .,I.~ _°o°Y°U^.~a ¢.^a training conferences il! Diana the cat have become friends. I extreme annoyances. Today the pair of spotted owls? The very bird .... complim~m tu ~,,u~ vt wuutu yu, Portland while theyq guess that's fo,~unate, anyway, l just same trees are still infested, but who lives on nature and migrates to otess eacn.ol you. . ..... simply like to share your thoughts on state salary. " .~kJ hope they don t extend their circle of there are lots of brand-new trees the area with the most food and nmrelm.nanot~eLemn_me,uo cnauper=ons, Fun rest wanY particular topic? The Sun Severallawmakerslil~O friendship to include the local rat growing strong and healthy to take " elcomes letters to the editor, an investigation of the] population. If so, I Ii have to revert to their places. You can see how I've shelter. I ..... -- ................. J second those calls some reader ploys, eliminated my ant problem. I've Every day I have to listen to theWhere fo write your Iowmokers Secretary of State and~ Im But, with all due respect, I'm not merely changed my mind." ONE SIDED NEWS about our industry, logging, and hear that our [ U.S. Sen. Mark O. Hatfleld, 322 Rrst District Congressman Lee [ act quickly to end ~ sure your remedies are any better I don't think I'll change my mind industry will be taken away from I Hart Senate Office Bldg., Washing- AuCotn, 2519 Rayburn House Omcel corruption in their | - " ~ than mine. I ve tried rat traps. Or, I about rats. I don't want them in my the,people of Oregon and that we I ton, D.C. 20510.Phone (202)Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20515. l Oregon has too proudL te ~ these r tried to try them. I'm afraid to set milk room. And that s final, don t care about our natural beauty [ 224-3753. Phone (202) 225-0855. [ too many legitimate L " them. Even mouse traps give me But maybe I could make a deal ,,,din hi~,h trouble. Rat traps scare the daylights with them, like Albert Schweitzer did and our trees of this state. I know I District office: Room 107, Pioneer District office: 2701 N.W. Vaughn, [ wasting our resouPl, ~ ' o that I AM an environmentist. I love I Courthouse, SSS S.W. Yamhill St., Suite 860, Portland, OR 97210. ] incompetence. If age be out of me. I m sure I'll end up with a with the ants overruning his house in ~n^t when crushed hand. the African jungle. He had our beautiful state and am proud of I Portland97204. Phone 221-3386. Phone 1-800-422-4003. I t0Coax a As for deodorant soap, if it kills inadvertently build his home on top being a 5th generation Oregonian. [ U.S. Sen. Bob Packwood, 259 State ~ma~--~hn Brenneman,[ Arec[ r -- a [~s!cO~::° l rats, won't it kill civet cats, too? and of an interstate ant highway. My great-great-grandfather came ] Russell Senate Office Bldg., Wash- R-Newport, 2780 N.E. Jackson el.,I o l what does it do to people, for The benevolent doctor reportedly out to Oregon in 1847 and knew it l ington, D.C. 20510. Phone (202) Newport, OR 97365.Phone 265-8828.I .,__L_ .~ ~LtJ[4idsum ~ goodness sake? squatted down and addressed the was special. They started re- 1224.5224" State Representative Paul Hmme-I 1( O5 lr|i forestation at that time, and it has I District office: Suite 240, 101 S.W. man, R-Cloverdale, 35010 Resort[ Our homemade soap is relished by ants: "Now look here. I'm drawing a - J~ePorts tt mice, who, rather than dying, seem chalk line across the floor from one been planted to lots of different trees I Main St., Portland, OR 97204-3210. Dr., Cloverdale, OR 97112. Phone] By Bep Paul H wi • th h This office hadHl~w., to grow fat and sassy on it. I don't side of the house to the other. I ever since. They knew people would [Phone 221-3370. 965-6004. ] discussion with [nitre hio think I'll ever use deodorant soap respect your perseverance, your need trees to build their homes as .... • • • oy s ( again. What if I should get soap suds industriousness, your team spirit, the great West grew. These so-called • ~ m Department of Tr~l e in my mouth by accident? But this is my home, not yours, environmentalists, how do they build s I~ ao~, pond represented by Bob I to both The rat terrier idea sound good to However, realizing your need to get their homes, from twigs? district highway engi~ 7 p m counties in House Di~ me. If Diana loses her effectiveness, from here to there, you may use the How can we Oregonians allow an i (or starts killing songbirds), I'll trade house as a thruway if you march outside interest to control our wayof _ by Roger Pond straighteningP°°l seemedsome~I.i^roles her in for a terrier--and hope fight along this line and don't life, our living, our heritage? Will ------"------~ A _,.dh' ~rmia, sheep-sized Anna likes cat-sized wander." curves on uregon 2~elena dogs. The ants apparently accepted his the Audubon Society make my The hardest thing about spring is I will never forget the first garden and Valley Junction. [l~d l~ mortgage payment on my home, or determining when to plant the I planted--in the days when I was he offered to se'r~ I do appreciate all the advice and declaration, and they and he . art information I've received. Some of coexisted without further ado. how about the loan on my truck? I'm garden. The second hardest thing for young and energetic and not real passing lanes on U,51out the c sure Key Bank of Oregon is notmany of us is getting the garden plot sma~. I was just out of college and Beaver and Hebo. Micro.. ~ , you helped out last year, too, when Ants I could talk to. But squat interested in taking back a log truck tilled or plowed, didn t have a tractor so I decided to imitated a H~ghway I~r. ~, .... ", ~al Theants antsWere mysteriously°Verrunning mYdisappearedCounters, dOWnl,ll letfaceDianat° faCebe withmy intermediary.a rat? Never. from a guy who can't work his truck For some reason it's even harder dig the garden with a spade, passmg" locations jumstl~i'F~e~ ~ ,..~n~ '~ rtlp before I could try any of yourShe will tell them, in her feline way, in the State of Oregon because we for farmers (or farm wives) to get We had about 40 by 80 feet of study was secure~a~" 0m ", tog woke up and found our great lumber their garden tilled than it is for garden space, but planned on Tillamook County reSt]By I)i themSUggesti°ns'this year.bUt I'll be ready, for anywhere'Rats' yOUyouarelike._exceptWelcome out° thislive producing state a paradise for owls. suburbanities. This is becauseplanting only half of it. I had turned a be concluded very so0~, N;~-' ~'n If cayenne pepper doesn t work, farm." If they don't believe Diana, Not to mention losing my V.A. suburbanites have rototillers, while few shovels full of soft when our Earlier, I reported ~tter "~ ~.' I'll use black pepper, cucumber I'll send inn rat terrier, home back to the State of Oregon, the farm wife has to wait for the old neighbor came by, driving his John by ODOT to constr~cisV~ll~ along with thousands of other man to take down the fence so he can Deere and pulling a six-bottom plow. turn lanes On Orego~l~ b .... -" .-- ~ raea homeowners. Watch the domino get that big old John Deere into the "We could take that fence down and County--one at Fot~ ~ b,, t, . affect this will have on every lumber garden. I'd plow that patch up for you. It near Sheridan at a-~ neat If you hang around farm storeswould save you a lot of digging," he