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March 7, 1963     The Sun Paper
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March 7, 1963

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! ItC1Z TWO ..... j , i, iii i i SHERIDAN SALT CREEK WILLAMINA Good Shepherd Church Sunday Msses at: 8:00 A. M. and 10:00 A. M. First Friday Maes at: 7:30 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. Sheridun Assembly of God 220 S. W. Monroe IL A. Bullock, Pastr Regular scheclule of services: .... Smdey SchooL. ............ 9:45 A. M. Morning Worship ........ II:00 A. M. ]ening Service ............ 7:45 P. M. Mid . Week Prayer Mting, Tursday Evening ........ 7:45 P. M. Sonth Day AdvuaUst Washkmgtou and Shm Sis. Servlece Satday morning. Babbath School 9:30 A. ]ML Preaching 11 A M. Tr/ty Lutheran Church 310 Sheridan Romt Pastor: Mervtn K11ermaa .q30 McDonald Lmm McMinnville, Oregou Telephone 13703 5undty School ............ 10:15 a.m. Worship Service .......... 9:00 a.m. Givea You / Insrcmce wch is If a guest or tradman  Zotw tmat wlflk on yo stalin you are le tot dsmazeL But pub. Io llmz mmmum you fall and amalete memm mmmta And It  one  the  Imy. It um teal you morn abnut R. Call 843.4764 L01L nMSI00mY INBU R00NOE $I Chu:ch of he Naare Elwln A. Moore, Pastor ,ueday Services: unday School ................ 9:45 A. M. Hamlng Worship ....... 11:0e A. M. outh Hour ..................... 7:00 P. M. Junior Society (ages 4-11) NYPS (ages 12-40) ,.anlng Worship ............ 7:45 P. M. Mennonite Church 24O S. W. Madison St. David L. Hostefler, Minister Mid-week Prayer Meeting 7:0 p.m. Worship schede: Sunday hool ............... 10 AM. Womhip Hour ............... 11 A.M. Sunday evening service _ 7 PL Chrtstkm  IWlendly Clmuch" sapu s. m.  Tele. TH 3-6969 or TH 3.6164 ].6S64. Sund: Bible School (cleeses for all ges) 9:45 e.n Charles Scho. field, Superintendent. V[orning WorIp ................ 11 a.m. Christian Endeavor .......... 6:30 p.m. -'vening Serce ................ 7:30 p.m. Wedmd/: Prayer Meeting and Bible Study .......................................... 7:30 p.m. ?hoir Practice .................... 8:30 p.m. TIIE METHODIST CHURCH "A chm'ch for All Aces" lawrence Mok. minister 224 North Bridge Street Sunda,: Church School .............. 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship ........ 11:00 a.m. Fellowship Bou,- ............ 12 Noon Methodist Youth Fellowship ....................... 6:30 p.m. Old Testament Introduction Course .......... 8:00 p.m. Monday: Prayer Group ................ 9:30 a.m. Wednesday: Sanctuary Choir rehearsal ........................ 7:30 p.m. Salt Creek Lptist Church 1 Mile So. of Sedt Creek Grocery I Clarence H. Walth, Paster Pboao MA $.Z976 Weekly Shedule: ,' s=mi00 Sunday School 9:45 a. m. ! .ionIng Worship .......... 11:00 a.m. outh Activities ............. 6:30 p.m. lvenlng Service ................ 7:30 p.m. Wtao Prayer Service ............... 7:30 p.m. Colt Rehearsal .............. 8:30 p.m. ME! SHERIDAN BRIEFS Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Zanni of Portland were Sunday dinner guests of their daughter, Mrs. John Funk and family. If Your Mechanic.. is spending too much time on his back and you are spending too much time on your feet, then it's time you had a new car. See us about the financing at SENSIBLE BANK RATES! IO.O00 ALL ACCOUNTS INSURED TO SI000 WILLAMINA BRANCH LINCOLN BANK OF TAFT, OREGON Branches Ocomflake and WiUamina SHERIDAN 'N,I SHEII, YAMttH CUNTY, Miss Dorothy Stutzman of Salem, daughter of Mr. aud Mrs. Levi Stutzxnan of Sheridan, became the bride of Elden Roy Stutz. man. sn of Mr. n-] Mrs. Roy Stutzman of Milford, Nebr., in a recent weddin at the First Free Methodist Church in Salem. Legislative News By N I,NA I OR, ARTIIUR P. IRELAND The legislature is now in its eig,hth week of what will proba- bly be the longest session in the history of the state. I have been asked by several people, if I thought the increas. ed py to !eslators, would have a tendency to lengthen the ses- sion. The answer is no. After 120 days the legislaYors expense ac- count is cut off entirely and the salary is no more than will be received after the termination of the session. We are now nearing the mid- dle of the session when the com- mittees are at work grinding out the multitude of bills. Many i worthless bilts are now being ta- i bled, while others are receiving close studey. Proponents and op. ponerts of all bills have an op- portunity to express themselve. upon the merits of each bill. Le- gislators find thenelves in the position of being arbitrators or :judges, who have the responsi. bility to amend, reject or ap- prove w.hat they think should be passed in the best interest of the people. Public hearings on bills of widespread interest are now be. ing held and some are drawing capacity crowds. One such hear- in.g was held Feb. 27 on the "Fa. mily Day" or "Sunday Closing Law." Another public hearing will be eld soon on this bill. Last Friday there was an over. flowing crowd, to hear testimony on several "Sex Control Act" be. ing considered at this session. A second hearing is to be held on this bill soon. Of interest to Grade A milk producers is the public hearing to be held March 7 at 7 p.m. on the Cannon Bill, which would re- establish the expired Milk Mar- keting Act. Each week I have ma& some comment of state budgetary needs and how the funds may be raised. I need only to say, these questions are as far from ,being solved today as they were last week or the week before and I wish to comment no more upon this subject ,until some progress is actually made in this regard. At a meeting with the legisla. live cornnltt of the Forest Color Sh',er A color shower, honoring Mrs. Mose Mast of Portland was giv- en at the Dan Yoder home on Sheridan Road Thursday eve- ning. Guests were Mesdames Larry Hamilton, Carl Yoder, Sam Evers, Stanley Swartzendruber Earl Neal, Leroy Chupp, Howard Nice. Paul Kilmer, Nelson Stutz. man, Joe Yoder, Levi Stutzman, Elmer Y.oder, Lawrence Berkey, Lewis Swartzendruber, Larry Barnes, Hazel Wolfer, Clara Yo. der, Malinda Yoder, Virginia Good. Assisting [e hostess were Mrs. Dale Swartzendruber and Mrs. Gerald Hamilton. Games were played with Mrs. Carl Yo- der and Mrs. Nelson Stutzman receiving prizes. The gifts were then opened and refreshments were served. Sending gifts but unable to be present were Mrs. Alvin Miller, Mrs. Roman Yoder and Mrs. Enos Schrock. Lther0m Women's Rctlly F.eatured speaker at .the 20th semi-annual rally of the Pacific Zone of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League to be held at St. Peter's Lutheran church, Rt. 2, Cornelius, Tu.sdy, March 12, will be Miss GraCe Sahncv, R:N. Miss Sahnow first went to serve at the Lutheran HospiCal in Eket, Nigeria, W. Africa, in March 1958. She came home on furlough for six months in 1960, and then returned to Nigeria. She returned home Oct. 27, 1962. Grove Chamber of Commerce, it was brought to my attention, the need for immediate action by the State Highway Department, for construction of an adequate highway between Forest Grove and McMinnville, to handle the expected increase in travel dur- ing the construction of, and af- ter completion of ,the Tualatin Valley Dam near Gaston, which now looks as if it might be star- ted in 1964. It is my belief the people of Washington and Yamhiil coun- ties should, in every possible way, isist on immediate action by the Highway Department. I do not believe in bonddng ,the state for additional funds as I believe it can be done on a pay as you go program. It may be necessary to support legislation now in the session, for an In- crease of one per cent per gal- lon, in a gasoline tax. Another suggestion is an increase in our state automobile license. OREGON Current Ag Comments BY by Wayne Roberts Ymhill County Extension Agent THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1963 this has not been done. some cane fruits are swell, however, dormant of lime sulfur, 10 gallons t gallons of water can be applied to raspberries leaves are about one in growth and to trailing until the leaves are mately % of an inch long. Delayed dormant impo,rtant for the control This past week we received word from lain MacSwan, plant pathology specialist at Oregon State University, that the bacter- ia 'Pseudomonas' as been found on black cap blossom buds in observations at green- houses a OSU. They feel this may be associated with the blossom, blast and crumbly berry prablem that has plagued berry growers for several years. They Ieel it is possible for the bacteria to be present in these unopen buds which show n external symptoms of the disease. For growers who would like to try something to see if they can con- trol the crumbly berry problem, plant pathologists feel that from information obtained in past years on research work with pears, apples, cherries and other stone fruits where this same disease has caused serious pro- blems, a copper fungicide spray as soon as possible before the buds swell or break would be worthy of rial. You may not wish to spray the entire field but just a portion to see if you can .obtain results with these mater. ials. Bordeaux is recommended at 8-8-100 or Tribasic copper sul- phate can be used at the rate of 6 pounds per 100 gallons of wa- ter. You should add a reliable spreader sticker to the spray. It is felt that this application may ,be of some help in reducing the infection. Also an October spray which is recommended on cher- ries will probably be more im- portant than the one now, but it would be helpful to put one on right away. Repeat this spray in October at the same rate. Another pest problem that has plagued berry growers for sever- al years has been brought under control through research work of entomologists at OSU. For sev- ,eral years we had no recommen. ded control for the raspberry crown borer but this past year entomologists were able to con- trol this insect pest with proper- ly timed applications of Guthion ,or Diazinon. Either material is recommended at the rate of 2 pounds of the actual insecticide per acre applied as a drench to the crowns of the plant, EXperi- mental work has shown that the treatment requires at least 200 gallons of drench per acre to obtain good control. It should be applied between March I0 and March 20. Either of the two che- micals mentioned can be pur. chased in several different for- mulations. The thing to keep in mind is the rate of 2 pounds of the active insecticide in 200 gal- lons of water per acre. This in. sect .has a two year life cycle. For this reason infested fields should ,be treae for at least two suc- cessive years to kill the insects that went in this last year and will not be out for another year. The drenches suggested are more concentrated than sprays generally used to conol insect pests. 'For this reason you should give more than ordinary care in handling of the materials. We feel that the material, Diazinon, is less toxic to humans and is preferred of the two, however, they will both do te job. For the gardeners who have found the insect pest in their cane berry patches the material Diaztnon can be used in the liquid form at the rate of 2' tablespoons of Diazinon per gallon of water and apply about 2 o 3 pints of the drench per plant. Also it is the time to make the normal dormant and delayed dormant sprays on various cane fruits. There is still time for growers to apply the very im- portant dormart sprays to trail- ing berries and raspberries if eases on .some small These are put on in the spring which should be soon. Following is a list of the diseases and fun that should be used for of these diseases. On black berries the disease should be sprayed with fur 2% gallons per 100 of when the new canes are inches high. They can ,be ed with a fixed copper at rate of 6 pounds per 100 ter at the green tip trailing berries f all and cane spot is a ease and around March should be sprayed with fur 10 gallons or a fixed at 6 pounds per 100 of Two weeks later you spray again with fixed 6 pounds or Captan at pounds per 100 of water. We hope that these will be helpful to the the county to do a better controlling insects and this coming year. iO% SALE on germicides: Wi,en t mes to solving farm sanitation oroblems, nothing beats Standard Gerrnicids and Disin,'zctants. S. O. 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