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February 27, 1991     The Sun Paper
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February 27, 1991

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COMES THE DAWN There comes a time in every man's life when he must kisses are not promises of love and holding a , a promise of companionship. A time when 'ntt learn that isolation can mean solitude, and do not have to be made in the dark. A time must stop contemplating his future but set out a goal. A time when he must stop waiting to send him flowers. So, he must plant his h garden and decorate his own soul. He must learn h and that is when his heart and mind will Lo grow. Endra Moen Grade 12 Sheridan High School Emily G. Friebe Grade 5 Willamina Grade CLOWNS - and you. What scares you the most? A knock on your door at midnight? Man, I tell you. I am not sure. - Who wou.ld be the scariest person ever to visit you at midnight? Liz Taylor maybe? - Man, I tell you. Madness. - And what would this madness be in the form of? - A clown. Steve Werth Grade 10 . Willamina High School LEFT OF OUR TREE years ago. even before man came to this area. ago five ithe it Planled by an Indian? dropped in that out as food ell animal it in the was exceptionally over , WORDS feet tall. easy seven A child sits, With She cannot cry. spreading I hear all the words In her single sigh. Corey Tharp Bonnie Barber Grade 8 Grade 9 Willamina Middle Willamina High Shelley Mendenhall Grade 11 Willamina High Excerl by Wet Valley stu- dents from the 1990 luue of Reflection& the literary maga- zine published annually by the Yamhill County Educational Service District. A new Issue Is expected In May. "PLEASE, WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE, SHE IS ONLY 16?" she died was an ordinary school day. Oh, how I wished she had taken the bus. But she thought s too cool for the bus. I remember how she weaseled the car out of her mom. She told her mona it was "All the kids drive," she said. 3:30 bell rang, I saw her throw her books into her locker. She had told me she was free until 8:40 I ran to the parking lot, but she was already gone and it scared me, because she had told she was excited at the thought of driving a car and being her own boss. it maUers how the accident happened. She was goofing off- going too fast. She was taking But she was enjoying her freedom and having fun. last thing she remembered was passing an old lady who seemed to be going awfully slow. She g crash and felt a terrific jolt. Glass and steel flew everywhere. Her whole body seemed to out. And she screamed. vas the early hours of the morning when my parents got the call from her parents. They told my patents parents woke me up and told me. I told my parents to tell them to come pick me up, them to see April. When we arrived I saw the mangled cars. It looked like a bomb had hit I saw the old lady in the other car, but where was April? I was going into shock; I couldn't find it Weird for awhile. I awakened from the shock; it was very quiet. A police officer was standing over her. Then I Her body was mangled. She was saturated with blood. Pieces of jagged glass were sticking out I wondered if she could feel any of that. pull the sheet over her head. She can't be dead, she's only 16, we were supposed to go out to grow up and have a wonderful life. She hasn't lived yet. She can't be dead. she was placed in a drawer. Her folks had to identify her. Why did they have to see her like that? i her morn have to look at her daughter's mangled face when she was facing the most terrible ordeal of Her dad suddenly looked like an old man. He told the man in charge with his crying eyes, "Yes, that's feneral was a weird experience. I saw her relatives and some of her friends walk toward the casket. by one, and looked at her with the saddest eyes l've ever seen. I was crying, and a few of touched her hand and sobbed as they walked away. Somebody wake her up! Get her out of there. I can't bare to see her parents so broken up. And her acked with grief they can barely walk. Her brother and sister are like zombies. They move In a daze everybodyl No one can believe this, I can't believe it either. don't bury herl "SHE IS NOT DEADt" She has a lot of living to do. I want her to laugh and run heat her sing and see her dance. Please don't put her in the ground. I promise if you give her one she'll be the most careful driver in the whole world. All I vant is to give her one more chance. "Please, why does she have to die, She is only 16." Tami Harris Grade I0 Sheridan High School TIlE SOUL The soul roams freely through the valleys of life. It glides through the canyons of love. It moves at speeds faster than you can imagine. Spreading eternal love upon valleys, canyons and mountains. It soars over streams and meadows. It spreads a light of love upon the land and this light gives color to every living thing. Jon Harding Grade 5 Grand Ronde Elementary Wednesday, Februa.27, 1991, The Sun 7 GRAM "AGNES" Travis Stewart Grade 10 Willamina H/gh -i : TURTLES I wish I was a turtle I would swim in deep water I would meet other turtles I would go up on the sand We would lay in the sun and have lots of fun We would live happily everafter. Brent Getzler Grade 1 Grand Ronde Elementary MY MOTHER Behold my mother, Who gave me no brother. She makes me wash dishes And ignores all my wishes. Shawnee Thompson Grade 8 Chapman Elementary ItUGS Hugs aren't only nice, they're also necdcl. }tugs can relieve pain and tension. They make the happy happier aml the wise wiser. ltugs feel good. They help you overcome fears and tension. Hugging doesn't require any special equipment, just two people. It makes happy days happier and impossible days possible. FOREST The forest, it whispe secrets like an unpopdar adolescent. Jennifer VanScoyk Grade 8 Willamina Middle Steve Werth Grade 10 Wiilamina High School THE DAY I GOT MY TONSILS OUT When I got my tonsils out, it was second week of school, September eleventh. I was seven. I couldn't drink or eat anything after midnight. I woke up about six o'clock in the morning. Morn said, "Todays your big day." I smiled. I had to go to Mac Hospital at 9 A.M. Soon it was time to go. I got in the car. We drove to the hospital. I went in to the waiting room. Morn read me a story called "The Day I Got My Tonsils Out." Then Doctor Pfendlar came in to the waiting room. "Why, good morning" he said. I covered up my face with my hands. I was scared. I went into the recovery room. It had lots of beds with white sheets on them. I laid down on the fourth bed. About an hour later at 10:00 1 went into surgery. They put two sensors on my back. Sensors are fastened to the monitor by wires. They put a mask on my nose out of which came sleeping gas. I quickly went to sleep and woke up still in the surgery room yelling for ice. It was about 11:30. Then I went back to sleep and woke up in the recovery room. My voice sounded low and dark. 1 had to drink eight tiny cups of water before I could go home. It stung my throat. But I was sure glad to go home. The End. Melissa Togstad Grade 2 Fauiconer Elementary .. , CLASS OF TODAY WHAT AM I? I knew this day would come Back in the sixth grade But, I never knew it would be so soon. It's the class of today Maybe the times I've had Will someday go away... But, I remember three years worth. Even to this day My friends and I Share many laughs and cries... we've had many memories .... Many good times 1990 the class of today... Memories don't go away Jeni Hitchcock Grade 8 Willamina Middle I am the honey that bees take care of. lain the rain that turns into snow. I am the flower that hummingbirds drink from. I am the light that brightens the day. I am the tree that you climb. I am the water that refreshes yon. I am the mountain that touches the clouds. I am the earth. Sarah Peer Grade 5 Chapman Grade MEMORIES Do you ever wonder why the things done in times past, always seem to slip away, and never, ever last? TED Jacob Pelzer Grade 5 To me it seems things happen, sometimes without a clue, and then simply fade away, like a cloud in skies of blue. It's strange how things have a way of, slipping into time's endless folds, so we should just be content, and see what the future holds. Mike Blake Grade 10 Sheridan High A BOOK A book is an imaginary place where I've never been before. A book is a fairyland to me. When I want to go to the fairyland the door is always ajar. Jenni Houston Grade 5 Chapman Elementary Mau Gorham Grade 12 Willamina High