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February 14, 1980     The Sun Paper
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February 14, 1980

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en Continued From Page 2 students really are pretty good to other schools. I'd say less 10 percent. Do they get all the attention then? They blow too much out of They had 13 cops out here. had riot dogs, over a little brawl. It's not just the 10 percent of dents. It's not always the same get in trouble. They're not in that bracket... }R: Is there a really mean group in this school? l heard rumors there was kind of secret gang. ~,ll: No! The pussy cats, more like. ended in junior high. IR: I understand it came out in the meeting Wednesday night (Feb. 6) had been somebody threatened some notes? Oh, I heard something about group of girls and they would get -~r gins that were lower than them that could beat up and they would make steal stuff and if they didn't steal they would beat them up. It's not a gang. I never heard of that. What about things to do after What time do you get out of al answer they work. They get out P,m. got a really messed up schedule. We're not use it half the time. We're really restricted as to much we can use it. I live in Grand and for me to use it I have to stay heel and ride the 2:30 p,m. bus Salem. I'm not bowling. I'm not going to play cards. GR: What would you like to do? Theresa: Go to the movies. Several: Yeah! Becky: Go shopping. Virginia: There is nothing that young people can do. I think they might want to make some kind of activity center, just for young people to play pool or swim. Nancy: A big shopping mall. Myra: The only thing I could think of is they could get a big bus together to go to Salem -- Lancaster Mall. Mike: But Myra, if they had the same kind of recreational facility here why go all the way to Salem? I'm not saying a recreational facility here at the school. l'm saying out in the community where everybody can use it. Jeff: I think if we put something up real nice, people from Sheridan and possibly Amity would come. GR: What about jobs after school? Are you guys going to wind up losing some of your jobs with the Champion mill closing down? Nancy: No. Jeff: I think it's harder to find a job. Becky: l'm going to have to go to Salem to look for work. Theresa: I work downtown, and l'm not going to get as much business. Everybody's going to be broke. GR: Do we have any students here whose parents work there? Two answer yes. Theresa: Well, my dad gets to work for six more months and then has to transfer. Mike: That's the only mill that's closing down, though. Boise and this little brawl here. and here come two cops, and they just stood there. Together they talked about it a little while. Jeff: The people sitting in the stadium stopped it really. Nancy: We had a freshmen game the other day. A couple of parents came and maybe 20 kids at the most. and there's two cops patrolling around the school. GR: These are city police? Mike: No. deputy sheriffs, Yamhill County, with riot helmets on. Collette: If we just had some decent ones in town they could do the job. Lisa: Last veer when Nestucca was hcrc we had a lot of problems. 1 think it was carried over until this year. I don't know what's going to happen when we go down there the 29th, GR: Does anyone like the security force? Several said no. Ed: They had a girl's game last night. and they had riot helmets on, In New York they wouldn't do this, It makes you feel like they're going to shoot you with a shotgun, like you do it every day. Becky: We're just natural, if some- one's going to start something, like if someone were to come up and punch you right now. I don't think you'd sit there and laugh about it. 1 think you'd hit him back. They were sitting and throwing I stuff at us and cussing at us. We could only take so much. Pal Pond: At the Tuesday night game what happened is that after the fight there were some guys (from Nestucea) that sat in front of us cheerleaders, on our side. They said really low things, I Kerri Yoder, a first grader at Faulconer School, gets ready for Valentine's Day by cutting out a The Sun, Thursday, February 14, 1980 5 heart.--Photo by Margaret Henkels. } =S can get a ride. Willamina Lumber are still running,wouldn't like to repeat Mr. Butte sat I Understand there's more GR: What is your opinion of the there and just listened to them. l turned In the afternoon, patrolmen? Are there enough of them? around and said, "Mr. Butto, aren'tyou F.oir mgr. Sc ien ices open ~.en you've got more time on Virginia: I think we should get some going to make them sto 9 Are ou oin P. Y g _ m the afternoon you're going different policemen from the city who are to sit there and let them insult us?" And 'd. and you're'going to be going to do something, he turned around and watched the game. r rrled Now entering their close to them," DaRe religions; but basic Sci- second month in down- explained. The church entology demands a be- trouble That may be one of the Collette: A lot of them will come down If he could kick our guys out for seven have more vandalism, here and they're too afraid because they days, 1 don't see why he couldn't ask The Yamhill town Sheridan, the currently has missions inlief in God," DaRe a-,,-'= the student council come up live here in town, They think if they take them to move. . . . County Church of Scientolofly's three California cities, continued. 're~. ~eas to fill some of that time?" someone down to the jail they'il ~et Kelly: If they start puttino security fair board named Joseph offices are fully ope 'a- San Francmco, Sacra- :il co'uhere is nothing the student revenge on them, so they'll stay out ofit, guardson the campus, I have~'a feelinR L. Jentzs,cn. as its new lionel mento -- and also in ' " ~ ~nrnc, of th~ t go to'~lcreate,that even this group That's why they call all the other guys in. i-t's going to make things worse, because manager last Week. The Scientologists Portland and Sheridan. individuaIWhl .............. Scientologists would rather go to Mac or John Togstead: Last Tuesday they saw students are going to resent it. Jentzsch began work leased the newly rend- The mission facility at are looking for possible ..# Feb. 11. He was one of vated Chat and Chew East Main serves a living space in the = _ __.L ..... the two finalists selected building at the corner of congregation of about Sheridan area, the pOliCe ( qler 5 vmew from18 applicants. Jen- South Bridge and Main 250 persons,, according church does not antici- tzsch has a successfulStreets for administra- to DaRe. Some local pate needing more .... ~[~ked ' BY Phyllis Tumer Asked about the underlying causes of fl,rmed an advtsory board to recommend business back round ti:ve officesfor their people, especially stu- downtown buildings " ~tuuy~,,;~s.~rin~;,._m ^an "interview" to give his that sfluatmn, ..... Caryl said he does not v~ew programs for federal funding. Caryl satd accordino to falr~ hr~rd' MISsIon' ' of Davis in dents, visit the. mission,, DaRe noted.. " ' r;"' :[n~e'in'~t...what happened at the Feb. Willamina's problem as unique, but he federal funding is available, but members', ancl-"recen'tl January. for in!ormatlon, he DaRe said the church ~.,,~1 s-'- Ulamina Police Chief Rollin does feel tfiat a larger proportion of communities have to be agressive about .......... x The church is also said. Scientology is had not experienced any ~u that he ' scek'n i OWneU eulu operated a ~, . had been called to the oeople are involved in illegal or unruly . ~ g t. - -. . rentingoffice space at pan-denomination and backlash from its recent 7:55 p.m. about a nroblem [9ehavior. Since the school fire just over a One of the programs Caryl would like -ugenecanolesnop. 144 East Main for the open to persons of all Portland lawsuit. J[r~tl to the game. ~ year ago, there have been many more to see is a juvenile liaison officer for the iDAl~l,~-tf~ sa~d Vice Princi al Frank Butte new offenders he said schools That officer would be a court Jentzsch's saint ~s mission facility."The ID ta~ P , "a""" ~3 ena Student who was under the Carvl hasbccn on the Willamina police counsc|or directly responsible to the 000 anr uallv hinh mission is here to serve .... " .... the needs of Sciento,o- ' ,ave e uf alcohol and dru s in " force onl two ears not Ion enou h to sch(~/I so that the children are not .= ~''. " "~ W and .... g to h,s Y Y . g g ........ . Is a $5 000 increase over gists working at the i ',l Aftervou've shot~oed all the other tire ila: was unable to get him to leave determine any patterns in rising crime revolved w~th the pouce, f,~m~.' ,-~on~,.,,~,- ~h~r,-i , ,. ................... ...... Delphian School " said "- [lice -" rates, furthermore, record Keeping nas D ........ , Li~~ siores and seen their advertisements LOU s DaHe, minister see ust In most cases you'll find -.~ [a,~_r John Cage, who later came on been inadequate. However, Caryl said he oet~ur ~. i " " ~ ' ' bent t the. high school t0 see if thinks there has been a higher degree of As for drugs. Carylviews Willamina's ,=,.,, . andspokesperson forthe III yourself saving moneyr IIL:/,~;~di,~ c needed there T~us boP" -(,lice involvement inluvenile activities problem as severe He had told the school VVlllOmlno church, llJ1 ~ Vmdentine'sTexaeeServtee ~ler~SmWere already at the'sch'ooi' when r Last November. the Willamina police board that anytime one of his officers can ,. t asically, we had lli ~~ 305s. B. e i~'~,,~.e in the gym broke out responded to a record 87 activities make a street arrest for posession of 7 DOlled two new missions open- ~~ 843-3344 /~U~g to Caryl, some students m mvolving juveniles. Caryl said he grams of cocaine, that's severe, r ing and we wanted to be !iP l Thi;t:dt,~threeminutesthescuffle IIIImm -u. muP RnnA A t II PAlll TO SAVt i.IKt NtV[R BtF011t out the n m ' Iw g. con" . amecalhngand " " , I'I:GIAL3 ieY'STIt,onoi~nlt~ed foCaryl t~k the ~m~j@."~ IIAL .11/1111 rlIU/U m=. m,nes wo. as, tos iT ts= rday, .~1~1 said g r assistance. T " ~__.~"...~ 'choOLl~ " The assist as" not$ ' Developed & Prmted Past0t .ed. W . ance w , ,, ' ~ ~ ~ ,Pastt~'dedto..hever was avauame ' - Reg.$3.39 ., ~~/~e~I~,~CCO~~ :: ::::::rr: 'l::'.:rri!l|;il:pp: && ~1 1231!]'] nolo. ,P I pat I~.B.,,,.__, ml.=.,lr B}j leoi o {?T 20 Exn.T0;;;i;es &G;;; ve !,d .i 4m o . AII/FII Ou#olto or 8 TrNk /- E n, y r f,n'e ' F I.,dttml #m, mt fm , ,ml tmw . : ....... RiO. $1'9, " :i [ food7 dayia 1 1/ti0 THRU 2/23/ 'S/WE OSA O se, ,t _ J I w eek f re m I rnlll 11111 woofo. REG. se0.os " L10AM to 5PM! ' , """ ..... SP 80 . -- ..----. I I --". =* ,j~, Kodak Paper L_I L_I~L_IL_I. Wester for a good look ~~~~=,,,,.,n,lllnl . The Best Prescripli0n Service Photo Developing ) in the County F lark g . Servnce mu suemus .... . heridan Oru, .... v 0 for o, aolor HWy 1 8& SHERIDAN R 843-2422 103 t. gain d, tmil$! ,40