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January 24, 1963     The Sun Paper
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January 24, 1963

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! PAGE SIX SHERIDAN SUN. S!Z[DAI  COLrITY, CmEGON THURSDAY, ANUARY i __ ,A ,, ' J Dimes' Child m""""""" on the deer, and the PAGES FROm OUR PAST ,o00,sSt°Ck' and littered prpertYing Jauntingthat the usersSeas°nsluld i By MILT J. GUYMON  repair the darrtage. i i It, therefore, follows :: By KENNETH L. HOLMES OREGON STATE GAME COMMISSION the people of Oregon Hlstor Dertment, IAufLeld C,˘4Jl, Mc,Mlnmvllle .uuuu continue to enjoy the er's ospitality during TOMORROW'S HUNTING est in the wildlife resources, Ore- seasons, they will have to By John Ivldem gon is in a much better position greater respect for his (Continued From Last Week} to meet this challenge than most both in terms of their states. However, the forecast of conduct w, hile huntin.ff terms of the abundance of $ Whalers of tS'e Olympic head, into which the point of the depths stabbing all the while. Game Bi:ds a daalf-million more residents by they expect t be Peninsula wooden ,harpoon-shaft exactly After the whale was dead, it Upland game bircs and water- The Indians of the Nortiwest fits. The blade, or cutting edge, was customary for a diver to go 1975, combined with the proba- dwn and to fasten a line to the fowl are relatively short-lived bility that more leisure time 'his property. c0ast from he southern Olym- was formerly made of a large creature's lower jaw. This was and fluctuate in abundance an- and improved transportation, More aggr.ssive , management, and pic peninsula northward into mussel-shell, ... but in recent then passed tLhrough the upper nually in response t climate wili make Oregon more attrac, programs and an ex years of copper, or steel saw lip, jamming the lower jaw and other environmental factors, tire to nonresidents, is cause lservices to landowners the Canaan islands were ex- blade." The harpoon, itself, was against the upper one, thus clos- As with deer and elk, we are for advance planning and the sential. perts in hunting the whale. The sixteen feet long, and the man ing the mouth. The diver attaah- learning by experience that initiation of constructive prog- In conclusion, the wale hunters often sailed out who carried it, the harpooner, e a tow line with which the game birds canrmt be stockpil- rams that will make the land- hunting rests with the of sight of land in canoes 28 to the most important man in the wbale was towed ashore at high ed. They can .eitter be used in owner's position more tenable. Oregon, and particularly 35 feet long and about 4 feet canoe, leader of the party and tide, to be left high and dry the years they are available or T.he states tat have failed to 300,000 persons who directly] in beam. In the Smithsonian in- captain. He .hoped, with luck, to when the waters ebbe& mgther nature will take t.hem m.et this challenge find: that I ticipate in hunting. They stitute in Washington, D.C., there drive ttis sharp instrument right her way. Fortunately, nature's most of their productive game i eithe r awaken to the fact: s a canoe from the Nootka tribe into tte lungs of his giant prey. =:---------V-- way of handling birds is not as habitat is available only to on Vancouver island that is 59 As the lanyard was let out af- a ;t damaging to o*her resouroes as those vho are able to pay for both wildlife numbers feet long. ter the striking of the whale, in- J =_-_-_-_-_-_=-_-_-_-_-_-==_-_-_-_-_-= with big game. The fact that the access. These states have cause ter conduct will be cam Te details of the whaling pro- flated hair-seal-skin buoys were  people fail to fully utilize a bir5 to welcome the n.w U. S. De- with other land uses cess are described in a remark- attaced at intervals. These ]cmucry 22, 1953 sport of kings and crop seldom jeopardizes the fu- partment of Agriculture program Europe, hunting will .,able paper-backed book, The were for the purpose of slowing In a public .hearing in Willa- ,ational March of Dimes Child ture production or seriously con- w.hich will stbsidize commer- means of the average Whaling Fztuipment of €he Ma- up the whale andl of making the i mina, it was evident that :a liti- r the 25th anniversa/ year flicts with primary land uses. cialization of hunting, fis.ing, 'le Game Commission is 'kah Indians, by T. T. Waterman carcass float after the great an- gation is impending between  1963 is Jimmy Boggess, 5, During the past decade the and other forms of outdoor rec- aware of the challenges :oy, Ark., born with the birth *(University of Wshington press, nimal's death. As he died by the city and Associated, Plywaod c.hukar has added much to Ore- reation on farms because co€n- and will make full use 1920, reprinted in 1965, $1,5). drowning, it was necesat to Mills. The city moved recently to elects of open Ipine and water gon's hunting opportunities, and petition will force prices down authority and financial the bmla. He symbolizes Ihe the Commission is currently and make hunting and fishing delegated to it for the The Makah tribe lives at te use floats to make him buoyant annex te plywood mill, in a .housand$ of American children enoug to be floated ashore. As move that woul cost the ply- .vho need help under The Na- fit the cutover forest lands of people. northwestern tip of .the Olympic searching for an exotic bhat may opportunities available to more af Oregon's wildlife  ,peninsula. They used primitive many as thirteen of these floats wood firm about $10,000 annual- ,ional Foundation-March of Dimes Perhaps this is the answer to and hunting opportunities, rails made of cedar-bark mat- were attached to one line, and 1y. western Oregon. Merrian's tur- program to fight cr|ppHag birth key is another bird that has Oregon's access problems, but a it cannot do tte job alone. understanding and ..... ing, but they only depended on wasat te fastenedend a smallby amarkervery bUOYlight as)eatha shock°f/.,esterto theHaennYcommunity.C°mes thmughdef' thoarthritis'but inandscientificP°li° been recently introducet and recent survey of over 1,700 farm of the people of Oregon ,he wind ven the breeze came cord.  buoy would tell them Services held during the week shows great promise for the fu- landowners indicates hat about essential forces. .ver the stern, as hey were un- resrd and medical cam 85 per cent of Oregon's farmers able to tack. Yew or maple pad- he location of the whale as he for $ams Kirkland, LaGrande, " ture. djes were the principal means of d.rew near to the surface. The formerly o'f gVillamina; and Fred MAT: M-11 PHOTO: P=| | Tese additions to the resource allow free access to those who lropulsion. They carried clever- .hunters ten raced to the Imint Deiner, former Sderidan resident base, combined with the knowl- are considerate enouffh to ask i ]y-made bailers, the curves of of the marker buoy's appearance who died in Newberg. edge that quail, chukar, and for permission and only 4˝ per ready to strike with ano˘,her bar- Sheridan high school Spartans Trotter On (jma pheasant populations are not be- cent sell access. This condition, Mrs. Norman McKibb whioh were matohed to the curve peon. They also signaled with a win two more games, defeating USS Okanogan -- Richard St. in,g fully utilized with present combined with the fact that Ore. and Laurie of Vancouver, of the inside of the boat, so that blanket on a pole for other ca- Amity 66-43 and Y.amhill 72-31. Trotter, seaman, USN, son of Mr. seasons an4 pressures, provide gonians enjoy free access "to the brought Mr. and Mrs. the water could be thrown over- noes to close in for the kill. Each Sheridan fie department ans- ownership, gives cause to be- ing them, to Sheridan board in ,half the time that additional harpoon ad attach- were " nearly 100 calls in 1952, and Mrs. Orlo G. Trotter of 725 birdmUCh, hunters.Cause for optimism by bhe half of the state t.hat is in public McKibben, who had been might be Slent with a can or tin ed to it another buoy, and as '75% in edge rural area. 1068 man i Northwest Sherman St., heri- It lso follows that bird hunt- lieve that with constructive pro- day, where bhe McKibbens grams a reasonable access to visit awhile at the t,˘ttle, these were multiplied, the for-hours were spent fighting the dan, was serving abroad the at- .rs have not been plagued by a .hunting areas can be maintain- home. Mrs. Norman The harpoon was a remark- ward progress of the whale slow- fires, tack transport USS Okanogan great increase in the number of rained,, and daughters stayed ably complex instrument with aed down more and more. The Eastern Star installs as new while she was part of the United people participating. During the head made of several parts cun- huge animal, however, was of- Worthy Matron and Patron. Ir- past decad, e upland game hunt- Nearly all of Oregon's access at the Small home. problems are the direct result of ningly fastened taget, her. '"Else ten extremely tenacious, and t2fe ene and Kenneth Smith of Will- States quarantine forces in the ers have only increased by about abuses the landowner has suf- ; foundation," says Waterman, fiffht would continue for .hours. amina. Caribbean. 20,000, and there are about one- fer,l from either wildlife or rec- T00le Sheridan "consistSbarbs, made°f a ofpairelk-antler°f pointedor practiceThe Makadiving hunterSand holdingUSedbhei,t° Paul Yoder and Juanita Rob- The Okanogan was part of a third less waterfowl hunters reationists. As previously point- one which fit neatly toether insert were installed, as Noble task force of more than 20 amp- i than in 1952. Game ;birds provi- '   oreatn at great aepths in anti- r n s the I an - .... ded a proximatel 1,083 000 ens to the fact that ,his land is Editors & Publishers. The end of the whale sinew . t" n ..... G a d of .OD.F., d Etlhel htbmus ships whmh left Cahfor- I . p Y , et out, a landowner who awak- Dean E. & Merna L.  : • _ ......... cpa xo o emergencms nat Rebekah lod-es in ceremonies - -, *ober w*-   w I man-ays of hunting in 1961 .nyarcl Is attacnea, ov tlnlaylrlg i "S " s , ,-a ,,, ,- -n  ........ .," _ . % ....... m ht an e. There ]s a tale of at the hall .... n a #arine aboard The Ok land a total of 1 545,700 birds producing more deer bl/an cows Published ewry e sranos ann maKmg mere t .......... " '"" " " " . , v -  . ' has a real incentive to capitalize ;, .... o ..... ne o1(1 lnQlan, mcKnamed ,by ^-o .... eturne " to Ion  Beach I were reported taken Sheridan, Oregon, and ii ast around trr mares; ann nen ........ ,, .....  ct,, ,,,, , ,,  ,  --. • ...,a.,,,,,,.,,.., ,,=*r" .... --,..,'" .... ...-,,**" .,,"'a ,..°na i an.as wrote. [rmnas,. anm ana," Terrlr__ Dent m Carter Calif.. on Dec. 15. / "t:nere. are many opportunities. . the Sheridan Pot Office as : -trifle of cherry-bark. A socket a vent.able Captain Ahab, w.ho ,ro  ..... , ......... ' ..... to tact.ease game brd dauntmg AMERICAN IdGION and-Class matter. .............. whale He hung on like a leech Terry A. uent, elecr'cmn's mate ment develomen* of ahi* NATIONAL EDITO :i i ,o=r,,,,,. ,, ,.r,, r .... € th,lassayea to rme a wounaea _o f,,,:,, u...r..,t-- *'T'I'A" IWTI,* 'mroug.n more mtenstve manage- AUXILIARY !| .... TONY F. BLOWY |]( tihtlt°" theyhugeto theCeta°°°°mllnes. Heandstabbedelung seeondan, d Mrselass'. Ly. le USN,A.. DentS°nof OfsheriMr... llth'"' ................... birthda-'""°"Jan "*'16, and .ad I"er landohcs. .intr°ductS°nThe matter°fofdesira'blelandownereX'" CallleLily SubSHemer ........................ .......................... Presidentsee. t [ and stabbed with a butcher- ctan, is servmg aboard the attack . . L: :: . --'.. I tolerance and ,r.o tn nrnduo 506 S. E. Ediemm St.  Visiting members Weloome , knife and finally dispatched the aircraft carrier USS ;Franklin D. i cla. ssmaes ?nrys l:eonar_a,rau.a Itiv e bird huntin,-areas w'i'll''be Meets 2nd and 4th Mondays | COI'CRg'rE COIrRACPOR lIgreat anirrml by repeated hack- Roosevelt, currently serving wih alrn, jane o.una,y and .arole[the nrincirml lira[tins factor of ] F.tlmam ltfully Glv t[ ing. 'When the wmle ounded the Sixth Fleet in the Mediter-'omri II DaartvernrwnerdgUa ts lea bird launtinff in the future. mm  ! ! ] Pte _ . ml_'l 2r Slril,__ /the persistent hunter still held rranean as part of an aircraft ear- i (. S i or me .... aattgmerP--t'-Y ....... o var. "--''''--ana vr. I llulaUl Access  on and went under to great raer trlk ng f ce. IKenneth Johnson J Te real challenge to be faced .A SIIEIdIX)DGENO. .................... . The ship deployed from the ' " }in the future is maintenance of xU, 64 A, F. & A. M.  .......  .... z:: ............. -:---- ............... United States in September_ .andl Girl Scout Troop 471 enjoyed l a reasonable access to the lands : mvmtmmv   kiss visited Italy, Greece, "largey, l a swimming party after school, I that produce the publicly owned " " Ist Wmlnl/ ' i |UiIIII Jdll] spain, and several Med:iterran-iTuesday, Jan. 22 at MeMinnville. I wildlife. Polk,Subscripti°nTlllamookrates: can islands Chrmtmas was spent . There are 16 seventh grade girls l rWith :half of the state in pub- Eugene McKinley .............. W.M. --Outside this area :: We Can Help You With Them in Naples, Italy. in le troop, nd their leader is i lie ownership and most land- MelVin /gee ................ Secretary ervleeme anywhere i! ˘0---t._..*_ T-_ m-__ a..,_x..'_   Mrs. Lawrenc :E1Hs. owners possessing a keen inter- -- -- - Sheridan Briefs '! Health & Accident Insurance ythi pile " ly SACKETT & WRIGHT haveMr" purchasedand: MrS.theEverett, Farrier ElliSresi., , Ever,, ng s up handsome in a Chevy II including savings I1.8]L..O dence on Main Street in Sheri- Iraagine a |ow-loadingwagon roomy enough to CHEW ]I oo+ +o+ goes on a gallon. They grow , dan, and writ make it their handle most anything you can heftand still with brakes that adjust themselves. An exhaust !,Rome. They have previously re- trim enough to slip into cramped parking spots, system that lasts longer. And a Delcotron 142 8. BRIDGE TH 3-4712 sided in Missouri, spending the We imagined it, built it and called it Chevy II. generator that keeps battery reserve power up. winter months in Oregon. CHEVROLET Made it as dependable as a wagon can geL. Want to hear more? How about a low prme, And made it so it'll keep piling up savings natty interiors, Body by Fisher craftsmanship over the years. 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' m • ,,, , SHERIDAN,. OREGON /!i Sheridan Briefs